FOXPRO CS24C Review: Gets The Job Done!

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The name FOXPRO is a well known name on the E-caller market and you can rest assured that what you buy is high-quality and simply gets the job done.

Everyone who has tried this model guarantees that the story is the same with the FOXPRO CS24C e-caller. You definitely get the bang for your buck and you will be sure to up the ante in your predator hunting game.

With a price tag that is just under $400, we were surprised to see the features this model comes with. Most of those features should be expected from a model in a much higher price range.

Again, FOXPRO doesn’t disappoint and blows your expectations of a programmable electronic game call clean away.

FOXPRO CS24C Digital Game Call - Unit and Remote

Key Features Of The CS24C

When you take a look at the tech and the features FOXPRO has included in the making of this caller, you will realize that they really mean business. Another top of the line e-caller that positively changes how hunters see these tools.

FOXPRO has managed to add the e-caller onto every predator hunter’s “must have” list. Below are some of the reasons for this:

Why Buy The FOXPRO CS24C?

The FOXPRO CS24C is an electronic caller that has some of the best features on the market.

The CS24C expands on the original CS24B feature set, plus incorporates FOXDATA, FOXMOTION, FOXCAST, FOXBANG, and a whole lot more!

Sure, the price is not the cheapest one we’ve seen, but considering everything it offers, it really is quite a deal. You will be getting a premium e-caller unit for an affordable price over the long term that’s for sure.

FOXPRO CS24C Digital Game Call - Front

Versatile Design & Features

The CS24C comes with a megaphone-like design that amplifies the sound and spreads it evenly over a 180 degree arc. This is a great feature if you want to cover larger areas.

In addition, the unit itself comes with a durable metal handle that can be used for placing your caller at a certain angle, for carrying, or attaching the caller on a high stand, car, or pretty much anything you like.

Rugged, Durable & Portable

The CS24C is built with the well known FOXPRO’s durable ABS composite material. The material has been tested for the roughest hunting conditions so you know it will last the distance.

Also, the entire shell, as well as the rest of the parts inside have been made in the good ol’ USA. Which, you will have to agree, is always a good thing to know, isn’t it?

With the dimensions of 9″ x 6.5″ x 5″, the CS24C can be characterized as a medium sized unit. Yet, it’s really portable and we can freely say lightweight and falls more into the “small-unit” side when it comes to how much space it takes up in your backpack.

With a weight of only 3.9 lbs, it backs up our claim of portability and packability.

FOXPRO CS24C Digital Game Call - Remote

CS24C Remote

As for the remote of the CS24C, it’s enough to say that like other premium FOXPRO game callers, this one also uses the ultra-famous FOXPRO TX1000 remote transmitter.

Every predator hunter that uses a FOXPRO caller for predator hunting will tell you that it pretty much doesn’t get any better than this!

Beside the normal remote features such as on/off, select/back, scroll, play/pause, mute, and volume control buttons, the TX1000 also comes with huge LCD display screen that shows you all the information needed. You will always have an insight into the call’s battery level, stand duration, temperature, moon phases, and more.

Furthermore, the remote comes with 4 preset buttons on its top left and right side. These buttons allow you to program your favorite sequences/calls, and to quickly access sounds that work best for your hunting style.

When it comes to how far you can use the remote away from the caller, we are happy to say that you won’t have any issues up to 100 yards.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it even further, but it really does depend on the surroundings and the density of the trees or bushes around you.

With a clear field, and standing on higher ground (or on a stand), you will most likely be able to set the caller some 200 yards away and still use it remotely.

We also just want to add that FOXPRO really thinks about everything! They’ve included a large lanyard loop on the bottom of the remote so that it’s easy for you to never accidentally forget or misplace your remote while hunting.

Programming Calls

The FOXPRO CS24C, like nearly all the models that come from this manufacturer, is a programmable electronic caller. It has the ability to store up to 1000 sounds on its 8GB internal memory.

To get you started, FOXPRO includes 100 free sounds to get you started, and you will then have plenty of room for 900 additional sounds of your own choice.

To add more sounds to its internal memory, you will have to use the included mini USB cable to connect the unit to your PC.

One of the big complaints for users is that the mini USB 2.0 port is located inside of the speaker cap. In order to gain access to the USB port, you will need to remove the three screws that secure the cap to the back of the speaker. This could cause a bit of frustration if you are wanting to add or change your calls frequently.

If you are looking for some different sounds, MFK calls are compatible with FOXPRO programmable callers. If you have other sources for sounds, you can also add these as long as they are in the file format FXP, 24B, MP3, or WAV.

FOXPRO CS24C Digital Game Call - Back


If your particular hunting style includes enticing your prey right in close with a decoy, the CS24C does come with an auxiliary jack so you can add a decoy. Point to note though, it does need to be an approved FOXPRO decoy, so if you don’t already have one laying around, you will need to look at buying one.


To power up the CS24C (unit and the remote), you need a total of 13 AA batteries. 10 will go in the caller unit while 3 are meant for the remote.

This is a pretty standard number and type of batteries with the more powerful programmable callers, which the CS24C definitely is.

The key difference you will notice with the CS24C in comparison to other callers is that instead of the batteries being secured internally, on this model they are stored in a pack attached to the side of the caller.

Some coyote hunters may not mind this difference, while this may completely turn off others from purchasing.

As for the operating time, the best you will get out of these batteries is some 7 hours, depending on how you use it of course (volume level, the weather conditions, and using just the main speaker or adding an additional one).

You will agree that there’s nothing worse than going the distance to reach the hunting grounds only to discover that your batteries are dead.

So, just like with any FOXPRO caller, we always recommend looking at either getting a FOXPRO rechargeable lithium battery pack or investing in individual high capacity rechargeable NiMH (nickel metal hydride) batteries.

FOXPRO Lithium Battery Pack

5-Year Warranty

FOXPRO is again showing how confident they are in their products with their warranty policy. They know that the quality of their materials and tech is unmatched by others in the market.

Almost every e-caller this manufacturer sells comes with a multi-year warranty. Like their other premium models, the CS24C comes with a 5-year warranty!

We can say that among seasoned coyote hunters, FOXPRO materials are considered legendary.

With this kind of assurance, you know you can buy the CS24C with complete confidence that it will go the distance.

FOXPRO CS24C Digital Game Call - Unit and Remote

Verdict on the FOXPRO CS24C

If having all the specs are something that gets you excited and you are okay with the price tag, the FOXPRO CS24C should be on your “I must have it” list.

Go for it and never regret it because it will serve you perfectly for years to come. In fact, this might be the only e-caller you will ever need to buy.

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