Review Of The Best Coon Hunting Lights For The Money

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Coon hunting lights (often synonymous with the best predator hunting lights) are a must-have for any hunter who wants to stand a chance hunting at night. Whether you’re coon hunting, coyote hunting, or going after something else, you need a reliable hunting light.

Choosing the best coon hunting lights isn’t just important for night hunters. It’s important for any hunter who has ever said “just gimme one more hour” only to walk back to their truck in the dark.

Best Coon Hunting Lights

What is the Best Coon Hunting Light For The Money?

Below you will find our picks for the best predator hunting lights on the market today. These night coyote hunting lights have been tested out in the field and our team stands by them 110%. We’re confident you will be pleased with the best predator hunting lights featured in this curated list.

Kohree 80000Lux Cree Coyote Hunting Light

Kohree 80000Lux Cree Coyote Hunting Light

The Kohree 80000Lux Cree Coyote Hunting Light is a steal with its amazing brightness and range, not to mention its heavily discounted price. In field tests, the green light we tested was visible at around 300 meters and it showed awesome durability. We dropped it on the pavement, from a 10 meters high balcony, in the mud, and this light hasn’t failed us yet.

It is easily visible at 300 meters and the Kohree 80000Lux has power settings that range from 5 to 20 hours battery life. This unit IS rechargeable, too, which is a big bonus. The night hunting light is also certified as fully waterproof and shock-proof, so you can count on it in the field. This is hands down our favorite versatile coon hunting light out there in its price range, and one of the best predator hunting lights money can buy.

Orion H30 Red or Green 273 yds Predator Hunting Light

Orion H30 G 250 Coon Hunting Light

The Orion H30 Night Predator Hunting Light is available in both red and green and it’s a close runner up to the Kohree unit above. With a clear and focused beam up to 273 yards, and varied power settings (300 lumens for 4 hours, down to 6 lumens for 120 hours), you can’t go wrong with this as your go-to best coon hunting light. Orion stands by their product, certifying the H30 with a 10 year warranty! It is a highly reliable, hard-working light that can take a hard impact or a drop in the mud.

Kill Light XLR250 Gun Mounted Green/Red Coon Hunting Light Package

Kill Light XLR250 Gun Mounted Hunting Light Set

The Kill Light XLR250 is one of the best coon hunting lights in terms of pure construction, being produced with aircraft-grade aluminum. This coon hunting light can illuminate your entire target at up to 250 yards, while prey eye shine can be visible at 500+ yards.

This is a no-frills, gimmick-free light with a lot of quality construction and pure power behind it. The only negative we can think of here is that a full charge can take 5 or 6 hours, but that’s what you get for good, reliable battery life.

WindFire Green LED Coyote Hog Coon Hunting Light Set

Windfire Green LED Coyote:Hog:Coon Hunting Light

The WindFire Green LED Coon Hunting Lights Set is a bargain for its sub-$50 price. In our tests, it performed pretty well at ~200 yards, although the makers claim it is reliable at 250 yards.

The WindFire Green LED has 350 lumens of output, convenient and accessible on/off switches, and durable construction (although there is no warranty). This is a solid choice for the hunter who is new to night hunting.

Ulako Green LED Zoomable Coon Hunting Light

Ulako Coon Hunting Lights

Priced in the sub-$50 range, the Ulako Green Hunting Light doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, or reliability at 300 yard range, but it’s one of the best coon hunting lights in its price range. The battery lasts easily over 4 hours and is rechargeable.

The maker, Ulako, claim that the light works at 300 meters, but in our tests it was only reliable at ~150 meters at best. However, that is more than enough range for many night hunters. You can’t go wrong at this bargain entry-level price!

Leading You to the Best Hunting Lights

Whether they are hunting for coons, coyotes, or other varmints or predators, many hunters say that night hunting is the most thrilling of all. There’s just something more primal about hunting at night – almost as if night hunting taps into our more survival-oriented instincts. To make sure you are successful during your night hunt, it is especially important to make sure you are choosing the best coon hunting lights for your needs.

We hope that our best coon hunting lights reviews help you to choose a light that won’t let you down. We have tried our best to include predator hunting lights on this list for every price range – whether you can spend $200 on a light, or if you’re looking to spend $30.

Final Thoughts: Best Coon Hunting Lights

If you’re night hunting for sport or to clear your land of varmints and predators, you absolutely need to gear up with a coon hunting light. Don’t be caught out in the field without one, or you might end up missing your shot at a big one!

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