Lucky Duck Revolution Review

Lucky Duck Revolution Review: Capture Your Hunt In HD

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If you love hunting, you’ll appreciate the importance of a good digital predator call. The latest e-callers are easy to set up, offer you perfect calls, ensure your safety, and make hunting easier and enjoyable. They usually come with a remote control unit to stay at a safe distance from the predator.

If you’re new to hunting, then you need to know why this gear is special and important. A predator call is simply a speaker that comes with recorded sounds to attract predators in close to a location of your choice.

Today, I’ll introduce you to the Lucky Duck Revolution predator e-caller that has a patent design not seen with other brands on the market. It’ll certainly leave an impact on the hunting game for a long time.

Lucky Duck The Revolution E Caller W/Predator CAM

Overview Of The Revolution

The Lucky Duck Revolution predator and game call stations are everything you need in modern-day hunting. The old timers improvised sound mimicking and whistles are so past tense.

This E-caller has a broadcasting system loaded with game sounds. It spreads the sound evenly around the base, loud and clear throughout a 360 degree range.

The Revolution comes with 100 pre-recorded sounds, though it can hold up to a massive 2000 calls overall. The sound quality is pretty realistic, unlike the tinny sounds we use to get from earlier versions of these types of hunting devices.

To make this equipment look attractive to animals, there’s an interesting decoy that’ll pique their interest. Once the curious animal approaches the Lucky Duck, there’s the unique HD camera to record the ensuing sequence.

You don’t have to stick around by this caller to adjust its settings. You can actually control the Lucky Duck Revolution e-caller from a significant distance. There is no problems hiding in a good spot 100 yards away, and you will still be able to manage all the settings of this hunting aid.

You can get different models of Lucky Duck e-callers at a good price from around $150 to $500. The Lucky Duck Revolution is, of course, on the upper side of this price range.

Lucky Duck Company History

The Lucky Duck company is considered the “Master of Deception”. The company started working in 1995 with only one product. After more than 20 years in business, they now have more than 100 products available for the most avid of hunters.

The company’s mission is all about creating innovative and high-quality hunting products. Over the years, the company has gained experience in this industry and considered all the needs of their clients.

What is even more special about the company is their full year warranty against defects. So even though it’s unlikely to have any major problems with their products, you know you are protected when you buy.

The Pros and Cons

The Lucky Duck Revolution has many advantages when weighing up whether it is the best coyote caller to purchase. It’s also important to note that it does have a small number of disadvantages as well.

We outline these below for a quick reference:


  • Made out of a durable and high-quality material
  • Remote control with large LCD screen
  • Adjustable brightness according to need
  • A loud speaker with 3 amplifier gain levels
  • An innovative high-quality video camera
  • 360 degrees rotating camera
  • Has motorized decoy
  • Comes with 100 sounds
  • You can add up to extra 2000 sounds
  • Has a tripod
  • Outstanding customer service


  • The instructions can be a bit vague and general.
  • Higher price range due to the extra features and technology.
  • Needs plenty of batteries, but this is usual for the larger more powerful callers.
  • Doesn’t come with the required number of batteries (though this is pretty standard).

Features of the Lucky Duck Revolution e-caller

The Revolution represents a breakthrough in electronic calls due to its unique features that take the coyote hunting game to a whole new level.

Remote Control

First and foremost, by having the option of a remote control, it helps assures your safety because you can simply stay away from the intended target.

The Lucky Duck Revolution’s remote control is one of a kind that has a colored LCD screen and navigation buttons.

The screen has 3 modes to adjust the brightness according to the light level. The remote control distance is designed to be of at least 100 yards between you and the predator.

The display of the device includes the following:

  • Volume level
  • Sound title
  • Timer
  • Battery level
  • Signal strength

The navigation buttons control all of its special functions:

  • Sound selection
  • Volume
  • Mute
  • Decoy
  • The HD camera and video


The Lucky Duck Revolution comes with a powerful built-in speaker. It’s 30 watts/ 30 amp speaker, simply put, is loud.

It also has 3 different levels of amplifier gain to choose from. Why is this important? Certain sounds frequencies sound better at high gain. On the other hand, others are better at low gain.

So depending on what calls you are playing, you can adjust the gain to get the optimum sound quality.


The device comes with a built-in video camera with a rotational system, a wide-angle, and high-resolution. This allows you to film sounds through 360 degrees.

The camera gives you high-quality pictures and videos. This allows you to capture a detailed video of your hunt that you can either use as a memory, or share with your hunting friends.

You can also use the video as a reminder of your stand, location, and conditions if you want to analyze your hunts to improve your technique.

By pressing the camera button, the camera icon on the screen will highlight. For taking videos, just press the REC button.

Lucky Duck Revolution E-Caller - Box


Lucky Duck Revolution comes with a motorized decoy with a decoy movement to attract the predator’s attention. The decoy is remote controlled and has 3 different speeds so you can create an interesting display to attract a predator.

A simple by nifty feature that Lucky Duck encompasses in its design is that the decoy stores in the handle of the call. When it’s not in use, you can insert the decoy into the hole of the handle.

To use the decoy, it simple goes into the decoy port. It also has a strong magnet that holds the decoy in place.

Through the remote control, you can press the D button to turn the decoy on and it will spin back and forth. By pressing the S button, you can control the speed.


The Lucky Duck Revolution comes with 100 animal-sounds They are organized in 17 folders to access the sounds quickly.

They have been recorded professionally to become one of the best sound libraries available. Just note though, they only play on Lucky Duck electronic calls.

When setting up your sound library, you should take into consideration that the maximum number of sounds is 2000 and the maximum folders are 32.

You can’t create a folder within a folder and the file names can be as long as you like. However, the display screen only shows the first 20 characters, so you will need to make sure the start of the file name is clearly identifiable.


The device uses 10AA batteries but they aren’t included with the device. The battery holder is at the bottom of the call.

Concerning the remote control, it requires 3AA batteries and these aren’t included as well.

Tripod Base

Like the majority of other game callers on the market, this one can be placed directly on the ground if you want to. However, unlike other options out there, the Revolution E-caller comes with a small tripod that threads into the bottom of the call and elevates it slightly above the ground.

With the addition of the tripod, the caller is able to turn 360 degrees electronically with the push of a button. A strong magnet in the base holds the caller to the tripod.

The tripod allows the caller to rotate easily for improved broadcasting and maximum distribution of sounds in any direction as well as to position the video camera to get the best shot.

Other Peoples Opinions

To get the best overview of the performance of a product, it’s important to take a look about the product from a range of other experienced people who have also put the Revolution to the test.

One said that it became an important gadget whenever he goes hunting. The e-caller has an extra volume that will attract the animals and birds. Moreover, the product’s quality is outstanding and worth mentioning.

Another purchaser mentioned that he bought different callers before, but this one was the best. He finds the Lucky Duck Revolution loud, tough, durable and easy to use. He also recommends it to experienced hunters or beginners.

One hunter talked about the customer service and their performance. He mentioned that they are always available to provide the needed help and assistance.

As you can see, many buyers of the Revolution are extremely happy with their electronic predator caller with lots of positive things to say!

Lucky Duck Revolution Electronic Predator Caller

Verdict On The Lucky Duck Revolution

The Lucky Duck Revolution is a great electronic predator caller for you whether you’re a professional hunter or a beginner learning the best techniques to attract in your coyote target.

The device comes with a remote control, high volume, motorized decoy, and HD video camera. The high output e-caller gives extreme sound to reach predators at great distances. The remote-controlled HD camera helps you record everything in awesome quality.

The Revolution includes innovative and unique features not seen by other e-callers, and Lucky Duck will remain a leader in the market for years to come with quality products like the Revolution predator call.

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