Best Johnny Stewart Electronic Predator Callers

The Best of Johnny Stewart Predator Calls

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Johnny Stewart Wildlife Electronic Coyote Calls

Johnny Stewart is a smaller brand that’s often overlooked for newer, flashier electronic predator calls. Featuring simple designs and features, pick Johnny Stewart if you are looking for something that you know will be reliable, last for hours in the field, and be sure not to disappoint.

Top Johnny Stewart Electronic Predator Calls

Johnny Stewart Predator Attractor

Johnny Stewart Predator Attractor Call

The Johnny Stewart Predator Attractor comes with a remote and five pre-programmed sounds that can be played on a continuous loop.

The speakers pivot, letting you aim your sound wherever necessary. It retails well below $100, in the $10-$40 range.

Johnny Stewart Predator Attractor Max

Johnny Stewart Attractor Max Predator Call

Johnny Stewart’s Predator Attractor Max is a simple predator call that works exactly as described. While there are no bells and whistles with the Predator Attractor Max, rest easy knowing that you get exactly what is promised.

Costing under $100, the Predator Attractor Max comes with a speaker and remote. It is pre-programmed with ten sounds. While there aren’t a lot of sounds to choose from, the Predator Attractor Max excels in longevity and sound quality.

This call runs for six to eight hours on one set of batteries and has 20 different volume ranges, ensuring that any animals will hear the crisp, clear sound from far away.