About Me

Welcome to my coyote hunting blog! My name is Ben Bo Ro, and I’m a woodsman living in Virginia.

I first started hunting with my dad when I was about 7 years old, got my first gun when I was 10, and have been a huge fan of hunting ever since. I love to hunt; the equipment and gadgets that we get to use are a big reason why.

I hope you enjoy my blog – I have put significant time into writing these articles so you can enjoy them and hopefully derive some value from them.

If you are interested in the best predator calls and want a quick overview of which callers I recommend highest, you may head on over to the homepage. There, you will find:

  • Short Reviews of the BEST Predator/Game Calls
  • Quick Takes and Anecdotes on My Favorite Products
  • Simple and Easy-to-Use Advice

Choosing the right predator caller for you is an extremely important decision. Not only will it affect your success hunting down and killing predators (dogs/coyotes, puma, lynx), but these are typically fairly expensive items. You definitely don’t want to waste your money on something that won’t perform exactly how you want it to out in the field.

Worst case scenario is, if you do go out in the field with a sub-optimal product, that could cost you an important kill. Maybe you’re taking your cousin out for the first time, and he ends up having a bad time because the equipment prevents you from being successful.

This is why I believe reading reviews is one of the most important and useful things you can do when buying a product – particularly in the hunting vertical. You can get advice from other avid hunters who have used and tested all range of items.

I hope that you will enjoy your visit here and that you find what you’re looking for. Feel free to reach out and ask me anything through the contact page.

Happy hunting!