Lucky Duck Revolt Review

Lucky Duck Revolt Review: Loud With 360 Sound!

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If you plan on hunting predators, snow geese, crows, and other varmints or game, you will need an effective “partner” by your side. By effective, we don’t mean a rifle because as a hunter, you most likely have that covered already! What we mean is a caller, an electronic caller to be more precise, and the Lucky Duck Revolt e-caller is one of the best on the market to have.

We know how hard finding the right e-caller can be because there are so many options you can chose from. Needless to say, not all of them are good or they might be missing key features that you are after. Therefore, we decided to help you out and review one of the best e-callers on the market and give you valuable insight into all the bells and whistles of this famous model by Lucky Duck Decoys.

The Revolt e-caller comes with a compact, highly transportable design, offers extremely high-quality sounds, and great additional features. The Revolt does not have an in-built camera like the Revolution, but is replaced by an integrated tweeter speaker and manual gain control for better sound clarity, a remote controlled 360-degree rotation option, and much more.

Lucky Duck Revolt Electronic Predator Caller

Quick Feature Snapshot

The Revolt is larger than most of the usual electronic callers out on the market. It’s dimensions are approximately 11.5″ x 4″ x 10.5″. The height is included with tripod setup.  You can see the difference between the Revolt and the FOXPRO Fusion in the image below. Also, due to its slight bigger size, the whole unit also weighs a bit heavier at 4.7 pounds.


  • 360 degree rotating stand
  • programmable up to 2000 calls
  • quality preloaded sound library,
  • tweeter
  • built in decoy
  • loud volume


  • no backlight on the buttons
  • size is bigger than other callers you might be use to
  • buttons on remote are a bit close together – may be an issue with larger fingers or when wearing gloves
  • takes 10AA batteries just in the unit, plus an additional 3 AA in the remote.

Let get started with the overall design.

Lucky Duck Revolt vs Foxpro Fusion - Comparison
Lucky Duck Revolt vs Foxpro Fusion – Size Comparison

Design – Clever and Robust

When it comes to the design of this e-caller, we can say that Lucky Duck has ensured the Revolt has a pretty robust design that allows easy transport without having to worry whether it will get damaged on the way to the hunting grounds. The speaker itself is very well designed and will withstand moderate hits. For example, if you go through bushes, it won’t get pierced that easily by branches, though we do recommend keeping it in the backpack until it’s time to hunt.

360 Sound Rotation

As we mentioned in the introduction, a very useful feature that not many callers have is the ability to rotate a full circle around its Y axis with a push of a button. This is possible thanks to motorized tripod that goes on the bottom of the caller. It is a sturdy metal stand, which goes into the base of the caller and held in by a strong magnet.

The caller is able to rotate in both a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction, and can be started and stopped anytime you need with the remote. It also has what’s called a scan mode, where the caller will scan back and forth up to 180 degrees. Luckily, the caller and stand are very quiet sound when rotating, so this won’t accidentally scare off any potential kills.

Revolt Programmable E-Call Remote - Lucky Duck

As a feature, this will come quite in handy not only when hunting predators, but snow geese as well. It helps spread the direction of the sound across the entire terrain, plus making any animals think that the sound is moving around . This helps to make them even more interested to checkout what’s happening and come to you without even knowing what they are getting into.

All you have to do is place the caller some 60 to 80 yards away from you (it is actually capable of being controlled at far greater distance) and play the sounds over the remote and activate the rotation if needed, without having to blow your cover by standing up.

When you are finished using the caller for the day, the stand is easily removed and the legs fold up for easy storage.

Decoy Included As Standard

Unlike other brands, the Lucky Duck callers include a decoy as a standard feature, giving you more options to mix up your hunt and attract your prey. The included decoy sits on top of the caller and is held in place with a magnet on the bottom and a stud to line it up and hold it in place for the motor.

Using the remote, you are able to turn the decoy on and off, alternate it’s spinning direction and change between the 3 speeds available to create the perfect distraction and intrigue.

Once you are finished using it, the decoy slides into the carry handle for storage plus there is a cap to protect the opening where the decoy attaches to prevent water or dirt damage.

Not only does the handle serve as a nifty storage area, Lucky Duck have ensured it has a solid rubber grip so it won’t slip while carrying it by hand.

Revolt Predator Electronic Call WIth Decoy - Lucky Duck

Quality Sound And Top Notch Volume

Now, as far as the quality of sound goes, the Lucky Duck Revolt e-caller performs much, much better than other models in its price range. In fact, the volume, clarity, and quality of the sounds that come out of the speaker are on pair with e-caller that are in a much higher price range.

The first thing you will notice when you start using the Revolt is that it is loud. When it comes to the technicalities, the volume has a 32-step control feature and a 3-step gain control option which is done via the remote. You can actually combine volume and gain control for a perfect sound. The addition of the tweeter provides really good tones for the high-pitched sounds. These both come in handy when choosing different call types so that they don’t distort due to high volume. If you have used cheaper electronic callers, you will surely appreciate these feature.

As for the call sounds, the unit comes with 100 preinstalled animal sounds. They range from predator calls, puppy distress calls, racoon fighting, and even birds fighting. To make it simple to find the sounds you need, they are nicely sorted into 17 different, easy to access category folders which you can scroll through. Many users have provided great feedback regarding the quality of the sounds provided by Rick Paillet from Verminator PC.

However, you don’t have to rely only on the preloaded sounds if you want to mix things up. In fact, you can add your own sounds (up to 2000 sounds to be precise) by simply taking out the SD card from the caller and plugging it in your computer. You can even create folders and name them based on your preference and they will all show up on the remote and work flawlessly. Just be careful that the sounds you add are in .MP3, .LD, .wma or .wav formats.

Remote – The Brain Behind The Revolt

Just like with the caller unit itself, Lucky Duck company has put in an exceptional effort to design an easy to use, effective controller for the Revolt e-caller. The remote can do the usual things like mute the sounds and recall, plus control the volume as needed. Down the left hand side of the remote you will find the buttons that control the rotation of the caller and turn the decoy on and off.

The buttons are easy to use and push, while the display is very bright and clear. It also has two dimming options for dusk and night hunting, making it easier to see and reducing the backlight it throws off. Some hunters might find the display a little cluttered in comparison to other predator call brands, but it offers all the information an avid hunter requires, while still being easy enough to read.

Revolt Programmable E-Call Remote - Lucky Duck

If you take a look at the manual, you will see that it says that the remote will operate the caller unit up to 100 yards. But the hunters that already own this model will tell you that it can operate to up to 300 yards, without even being in the line of sight. Perfect for not blowing your cover no matter the terrain you are hunting in.

Furthermore, if for some reason you think that one caller is not enough to cover the area you plan on hunting in, the remote also offers additional channels so that you can link multiple Revolt callers and control them all at once with one controller. This allows you to cover a much wider area and even develop various and unique hunting strategies.

All in all, we are quite pleased with the Revolt’s remote controller. It has an excellent grip, and the display is big and quite easy to understand and you don’t even have to look at the remote to press the buttons as they are extremely easy to memorize.

Other Important Features Of The Revolt

On the back of the caller, under the rubber cover, you will also find there is an auxiliary port, external speaker port, recharging port, and the SD card slot.

The Revolt Predator Caller does take a whopping 10 AA batteries just for the caller unit, plus an additional 3AA for the remote. Luckily, you can purchase a rechargeable battery pack from Lucky Duck.  To extend the battery life as much as possible you can also disconnect the battery plug when you’re done for the day.

Lucky Duck Revolt Electronic Predator Caller

Verdict On The Lucky Duck Revolt Predator E-Caller

All things considered, we definitely recommend the Lucky Duck Revolt E-Caller to both novice and more seasoned hunters for improved successful hunts.

The unit itself comes with all the standard bells and whistles you would expect from a quality electronic coyote caller, however, it also has some additional features that you just won’t find in much more expensive models. For example, it’s rotating base controlled with just a push of a remote button, a tweeter for better quality sound, plus additional channels on the remote for pairing up additional units.

So, if you are looking for a perfect e-caller that will significantly improve your effectiveness while hunting coyotes, we think the Lucky Duck Revolt E-Caller just might be the model you are looking for.

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