ICOtec Outlaw Review

ICOtec Outlaw Review: Deadly Effective

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Have you heard of the ICOtec Outlaw from your fellow hunters? You’ve heard a whole bunch of good things and now you want to check it out yourself? Well, you’re in luck because our in-depth ICOtec Outlaw review is just what you’ve been looking for.

First of all, to our surprise, the Outlaw is a higher end ICOtec e-caller that delivers quite a punch. Considered a professional level caller from ICOtec, it’s more expensive than the GEN2 range, but it is definitely bigger and better in just about every regard.

Not only that it will improve your kill count in the field, but you won’t mind carrying it out with you because the operation of this unit is a definite no-brainer. It definitely lacks the trouble you have with other callers in this price range.

Knowing that ICOtec has a reputation to keep, we expected nothing short of great from this particular model… and it delivered with flying colors. Here is our Outlaw review to give you the much-needed insight you are looking for before hitting that order button.

ICOtec Outlaw Programmable Game Call Decoy Combo

Quick Feature Snapshot

As first, we would like to point out the super reliable remote controller that gives you the ability to set your caller over 300 yards from your spot.

Next, the unit comes pre-loaded with 240 calls, and you have the ability to store more on a memory card.

The “muscles” behind the brain, the speaker, comes with 10 watts. Pretty loud and in addition to that loudness, you have the ability to play 2 different sounds at the same time, and you can pause one or the other and mix them along the way, with two separate play and pause buttons.

The remote also comes with other useful features such as a large display screen with larger font, sleep mode settings, day and night settings with brightness adjustment, and much more.

As for the decoy, it comes with one. You get an AD400 Decoy, as well as a bottom integrated tripod mount for additional stability, elevation through any thick vegetation, and more precise sound “aiming”.


  • 240 high-quality call sounds, with 50 from Tony Tebbe.
  • Space for 500 sound files on the internal memory.
  • Large and loud 10-watt speaker.
  • Takes MP3 and WAV audio files.
  • Ergonomic and easy to use remote control.
  • 300 yard remote range, line of sight not required.
  • Long battery life.


  • Build quality could be a bit higher.
  • Lots of batteries are needed to operate everything.
  • The decoy can get a bit noisy.
Icotec Outlaw Programmable Game Call - Features

Design – Big Yet Packable

What most people notice first with the Outlaw is its size. It definitely is not one of the smaller units on the market. In fact, it’s bigger than most. But the designers had to create a big enough shell so that they can store a powerful 10-watt speaker.

Though, the speaker alone is not the only one to praise for the ability to spread the sound across the field. The internally spread acoustic foam inside the shell influences the quality and the power of the sound quite considerably.

Icotec Outlaw Programmable Game Call - Outlaw vs GC300

Decoy Included As Standard

With previous ICOtec models, the decoy wasn’t included in the standard package and you had to buy it separately. However, with the Outlaw they decided to change their approach and include the decoy right out of the box.

With the Outlaw, you now get the AD400 electronic decoy, which has adjustable speed and comes with fur and a feather on top for a realistic look.

In addition, the decoy comes with an LED as well, which can be really useful for hunting during the night. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the LED has to stay on all the time.

You can turn it on and off, and it also includes a handy light-only function when you just need the LED to perhaps light up the way back home.

Icotec Outlaw Programmable Game Call - Side

Quality Sound & Top-Notch Volume

Sure, the speaker is loud and powerful, but it wouldn’t be that special if ICOtec didn’t include a plethora of high-quality call sounds to use in the field. And, with 240 pre-loaded calls on the Outlaw, with 50 of them being recorded by the famous hunter Tony Tebbe.

With 240 calls, we have to say that whether you are a seasoned hunter or a beginner, you pretty much have everything you need straight up for a successful hunt.

However, if that’s not enough for you or you have a set of your own sounds that you find super-effective, you will be happy to know that the Outlaw has the capacity to store a total of 500 sound files on its internal memory.

Icotec Outlaw Programmable Game Call

Outlaw Remote – The Brain Behind The Muscle

We have to admit that the ICOtec Outlaw’s remote control has made quite an impression on us. First of all, you don’t have to worry about losing the grip as it comes with a very ergonomic design that really sets in your hand nicely.

Next, the remote comes with a big, crisp display while the buttons are nicely spread in a way that allows you to press them without taking a look at the remote. There’s also not a whole lot of buttons crammed onto the remote, so they are super easy to memorize.

For those who find the other brands’ proprietary sound file formats a hassle, the fact that ICOtec simplified that process by using the most used formats (mp3 and wav) will be quite appreciated.

It seems that ICOtec is really focused on all the small things that make the whole experience enjoyable, which, unfortunately, some other brands tend to overlook.

ICOtec Outlaw Programmable Game Call Decoy Combo

Speaking of enjoyable experiences, the range of the remote/unit connection is quite enjoyable as you can set the unit up to 300 yards from your location and have a strong signal.

To ensure a strong connection, the caller also has a large durable hinged antenna, with a metal swivel-base, allowing you to position it as needed.

What’s even more interesting, the connection is so strong that you don’t even have to be in the line of sight with the unit. This makes hiding and setting up an ambush much, much easier.

Finally, the remote also gives you the ability to choose up to 20 favorite sounds and set them on instant recall. This means that you don’t have to go through the folders to find your favorite sound but simply press the assigned button and have instant replay.

There’s also a sound file spacing options for automatic sound delay, which not many e-callers can brag about.

Icotec Outlaw Programmable Game Call - Remote

Other Important Features

We already mentioned that the Outlaw comes with the ability to play two sounds at once and that it has the option of pausing one sound while another plays, thanks to two separate play and pause buttons.

What we didn’t say about this feature is that it’s great for when you are dealing with a stubborn predator. You can play a “coax” with this e-caller by playing any sound you want and pair it with a regular call sound.

It works when you press the “Coax” button, which immediately stops the call and plays your chosen sound. When dealing with intelligent game, this is going to be your number 1 secret weapon!

Another useful feature is the remote night setting which dimes the display light, so that you don’t blow your cover or your night vision!

You also have a port for an additional external speaker, if you need to spread your calls to wider and further distances.


The Outlaw e-caller needs a lot of batteries, though the actual quantity is pretty similar to other callers of the same size.

You will need a total of 18AA batteries to operate this caller. This includes 10AA for the caller itself, 4AA for the remote, plus 4AA for the decoy. Unfortunately, batteries are not included when you buy the Outlaw.

Luckily, the battery life as a whole is pretty good for this e-caller, and you will get hours of use out of a set of batteries.

The length of time the batteries will last obviously depends on how often and long you use the caller, volume, number of sounds, and the quality of the batteries you are using.

If you are going to be using your caller a lot, you may want to check out purchasing rechargeable batteries to reduce the overall cost of having to replace so many batteries!

ICOtec Outlaw Programmable Game Call Decoy Combo

Verdict On The ICOtec Outlaw

For those of you who are in the market for a very effective e-caller that comes with a jaw dropping range, a powerful speaker, plenty of preloaded high-quality calls, an easy to use remote with plenty of useful features, for a relatively affordable price, the ICOtec Outlaw is probably your best shot.

We are recommending it to all hunters looking for a consistent option to up their hunting game. In the end, we hope that our ICOtec Outlaw review has helped you in making up your mind if you were not that sure which e-caller to get.

On the other hand, if you don’t think that this model is the one you are looking for, you can check our (insert link to another review of your choice).Thanks for reading and stay safe and have fun out there hunting!

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