Top Mouth Calls For Hunting Coyotes

Best mouth calls for coyote hunting

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It’s a cold winter day, the frost is forming, and the sun is just starting to set. You’re sitting in your stand just waiting and watching. The time is nigh. You bring the best coyote mouth call you could find to your lips and start to blow.

For hunters, finding the best coyote caller can be tricky. You want one that works well in any conditions as well as something that will fit in your budget. After all, if you want to snag the newest gun too, you’ve got to keep those dollars and cents in line so of course you will want the best price!

So let us run through the best predator mouth calls with you! These are all quality calls that you can find online and work great for hunters who want to call in coyotes and other animals!

Coyote Mouth Calls 101 - Beginner Tips

Mouth calls 101

Everybody has different hunting styles and techniques but one of the tried and true methods when hunting coyotes is the predator diaphragm call. They take a bit of getting used to but each coyote hunting call mimics the sound of a distressed or injured rabbit. Coyotes start circling looking for a quick snack and boom! You’ve bagged another one!

The diaphragm call goes in your mouth and sits against your teeth. You then manipulate the air you’re blowing out to make different sounds. As you practice and study videos detailing how to use a coyote call, you’ll find yourself getting better results with certain sounds and not even seeing a coyote with others.

But before you can even start to practice, you’ve got to get your predator mouth call to work with. Let’s get into the good stuff and find you a top mouth call that works for you and your budget, so you can get started and call in those coyotes in no time.

Best coyote mouth calls

#1 – FOXPRO 3 Field INC 3 Field

FOXPRO 3 Field INC 3 Field

These calls will bring them running. This is a pack of three types of calls and each one gives you a slightly different call to work with. They work well but require some practice to get the calls working just right. FOXPRO calls work great as you’re able to manipulate the sound on the go much more easily than just an electronic call.

The downside of these calls is a weird one: they smell like an orange creamsicle. For most people, this is probably a great alternative to just the nasty plastic smell that can come from new equipment but if you’re sitting in a blind and the wind catches the smell, your coyote is probably long gone.

Either exposing the calls to a breath of fresh air before taking them to the blind or covering the smell with another scent can solve the problem in a jiffy.


  • Affordable
  • Three calls for the price of one
  • Works to get coyotes called in


  • Strong odor when first opened

#2 – Primos 372 The Third Degree Xtra Loud Cottontail Predator Call by Randy Anderson

Primos 372 The Third Degree Xtra Loud Cottontail Predator Call by Randy Anderson

Randy Anderson remains a legend when it comes to coyote calling and this predator mouth call is no exception!

This call specializes in bringing in coyotes from a distance with super high-pitched distress calls. Built so that even the most novice coyote callers can get a sound out of it, the Primos coyote hunting call works season after season.

One key thing to remember when using this or any other coyote call is to let it do the work for you. With this particular call, the reed can lock up if you attempt to force too much air through it to make it louder. By relaxing and letting the call work for you, you’ll be bringing in coyotes in no time! Not only does this work for coyotes but a myriad of other animals as well.


  • Solid durable quality call
  • Works over long distances
  • Can call in lots of different predators


  • Takes a little while to learn how to manipulate

#3 – Johnny Stewart CYC-1 Coyote Dog Howler Premium Mouth Call

Johnny Stewart CYC-1 Coyote Dog Howler Premium Mouth Call

Practice makes perfect and practicing with your new coyote mouth call gives you great control over this call.

While this call has lots of great noise and can bring in the coyotes in no time, it does take time to get the right sounds. Most of the calls you can pull out of this call are higher-pitched and less versatile than others on the market. If you know which sounds work and you’re willing to stick with it, this would be a great budget-friendly option to add to your hunting gear.

This call has an adjustable band that allows you to change the pitch and tone of your call. Higher pitches are good for squeals, distress sounds, and rodent squeaks while lower sounds like howls and barks of other predators draw in coyotes looking for friendship or a fight.


  • Affordable option
  • Makes a variety of sounds


  • Hard to manipulate
  • Takes a lot of effort to get the sounds correct

#4 – Flextone Dying Rabbit Call

Flextone FLXPD002 Hunting Game Calls Predator

Every call is different and this one uniquely does things by offering up a soft bodied call that allows for more versatility and control.

Learning how to use a predator call can be one of the most challenging things you’ll find when hunting coyotes. But by learning on a Flextone call like this one, you’ll be able to master the skills and practice them with ease.

The Flextone allows you to learn and grow and develop your predator calling skills. But keep in mind that it still takes practice. The soft body on this predator call gives it a different feel and allows for a lot more flexibility when calling. Use this for bringing in coyotes and other predators.


  • Soft-bodied call
  • Affordable


  • Can be hard to figure out how to use

#5 – MFK “Starter-Set” Combo Pack

MFK Starter-Set Combo Pack - Predator Diaphragm Calls

When you’re first learning how to call predators, it’s good to have several products to practice with and learn on and this combo pack sets you up right!

Each of these diaphragm calls work together to provide you with a comprehensive set of calls. They cover the entire range of predator and prey sounds so you can keep calling coyotes and other predators all day long!

The Reed Pup Howler in the set gives you a chance to make all coyote vocalizations, howling, and pup distress calls while the V-Mouth Distress gives you access to a range of distress sounds for birds, rabbits, and rodents.

Rather than buy lots of different products and calls, you can consider this your one-stop shop for anything predator diaphragm call related.


  • 3-for-1 deal
  • Covers a wide range of sounds and vocalizations


  • Different type of call may take some getting used to

#6 – Carver Predator Calls Rabbid Rabbit Extreme

Carver Predator Calls - Rabbid Rabbit Extreme - Open Reed Call

You want all of your equipment and gear to be functional but you also want it to look great while you’re out in the field and this hand-carved predator call is looking good!

Made from cocobolo and hand-carved, this call is really easy to use and will bring critters running in like crazy. The overall sound is distress from either a bird or a pup to get the coyote’s attention and bring him close enough for the shot. Easy to use and easy on the eyes makes this a great piece of equipment to add to your arsenal.

While the looks and sound are great, the price is a bit high. For a single call, it’s more expensive than many of the others on our list but it is also a durable and quality caller. You do get what you pay for with this call and it’s handmade for a great look!


  • Handmade and high quality
  • Easy to use
  • Open reed call


  • More expensive for a single call

#7 – Dan Thompson Game Calls Red Desert Howler (Male)

Dan Thompson Game Calls - Red Desert Howler Male

There’s no one-size-fits-all call but if anything comes close, it’s this beauty!

This is one of the most versatile long-range calls on the market with the ability to mimic rabbit cries, coyote vocalizations, elk bugles, deer grunts, and duck calls. If you’re using this in your blind, you’ll have coyotes, foxes, bears, and anything else with teeth bearing down on you in no time!

For the most part, this type of call is used to make old dog coyote sounds from yips to barks and challenges. Made of quality wood and about 10 inches in length, it’s a durable high quality little caller. Although it is considered high in price, this might be one of the last calls you buy for all of your hunting expeditions.


  • Great overall call
  • Versatile
  • Different finish options


  • More expensive for a single call

#8 – FOXPRO Loaded Gun Combo


With their unique shape, FOXPRO leads the way again with a great set of calls to get those coyotes running in toward your blind!

There are 3 different types of calls in this set: young gun, smokin’ gun, and top gun diaphragm predator calls. Each brings out different volumes and vocalizations and using them is easy to figure out and perfect for even the most basic hunter.

Once you practice with the diaphragm calls, making the right sounds and vocalizations for coyotes and other predators is a breeze. The downside for these calls is that they don’t come with video or booklet instructions on exactly how to work them. You’ll need to practice and look up how best to work the calls online or in a book to get the technique down before heading out on the hunt.


  • 3-for-1 combo pack
  • Different calls for different sounds
  • Budget-friendly


  • Doesn’t come with coyote diaphragm call instructions

Why use a mouth call?

The best coyote hunting calls on the market won’t do you much good if you’re not sure what or why you’re even using them. Before you head out to your blind or down the road to start calling, let’s go through a little bit more information about diaphragm coyote calls.

There are two typical types of calls when out hunting predators: electronic coyote calls and mouth calls. Electronic calls will save you wind and breath in the long run. So if you have health issues or just don’t want to be blowing into the caller all the time and would rather use a remote, electronic coyote calls are an option to look at.

Electronic calls are popular and easy to use, with a wide range of features available depending on your price range. You can achieve great volume and sound quality with an electronic caller. The addition of a remote in comparison to a mouth call means you can use it from a distance and position yourself away and upwind from any animals approaching. If you want to learn more about electronic predator callers, you check out our top electronic callers.

Mouth calls are often preferred by many veteran hunters because they offer excellent flexibility. As you’re sitting in the blind you may see signs of coyotes or notice activity and want to change up your call. Mouth calls, once learned, allow you to do just that calling in predators with coyote calling sounds from a long distance.

Hand calls vs. diaphragm calls

The difference between hand calls and diaphragm calls is simple! Hand calls are held in your hand and blown into using a combination of mouth vocalizations and hand movements to create the desired sound. Diaphragm calls are placed inside the mouth and manipulated with your tongue and diaphragm.

Both hand calls and diaphragm coyote calls create three typical sounds including lone howl, puppy-in-distress, and stopping bark. Coyotes will come in from a long distance to investigate the sound allowing you to lure them close enough to kill them.

Hand calls are more often used in a more versatile manner. They can mimic injured or distressed birds and can be manipulated to also call in elk, deer, and other predators.

Picking the best mouth call for hunting coyotes

It’s a cold winter day and you’re huddled up in your blind. Today’s the day. You’re going to call in a coyote from a long distance using your best predator hunting call. You’ve got the best diaphragm coyote caller and the lung span to take on the challenge. Let’s bring ‘em in!

When you’re searching for a coyote diaphragm or predator mouth call the best coyote hunting calls are often versatile pieces that allow you to call other predators or prey. Each one should have a wide range of vocalizations that give you full control over which predators you want to bring in, plus achieve great sound quality and volume.

Decide before you buy if you want to invest a good chunk of change in your equipment or choose to invest that money on other things in your arsenal. Predator diaphragm calls are a lot of fun to use and can help you be successful in the field. Narrow down your choices for the best mouth calls for hunting coyotes by parsing through our list first! Practice with your new caller before you head out into the field so you’ll be ready to go when those cool days bring the coyotes creeping up toward your blind and the best coyote calling sounds!