FOXPRO Inferno Review

FOXPRO Inferno Review: Bang For Your Buck

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Are you looking for the best electronic coyote call in the $200 range with awesome volume, unmatched portability, and diverse features?

Do you want the added guarantee of having a 3 year warranty, to protect your investment? How about great range? Would you balk if we told you this baby can be heard by human ears up to 700 yards away?

FOXPRO Inferno Digital Game Call

The FOXPRO Inferno delivers true bang for your buck with its 1.5 lb portability, extreme volume and sound quality, and various features. It includes a diverse library of 75 FOXPRO calls, far greater than most electronic predator calls on the market.

Its storage allows for up to 200 calls. You can program this unit exactly how you like, and upload more than 100 of your favorite calls from the internet. FOXPRO has a great free sound library here.

Key Features Of The Inferno

  • The Inferno is easily reprogrammable, with a USB port allowing you to link with your PC.
  • Storage capacity of 200 sounds, and includes 75 high quality FOXPRO calls.
  • Included auxiliary speaker jack, in case you need additional volume. Most useful in snow, which notoriously muffles sound.
  • Additional aux jack for linking with a FOXPRO decoy.
  • Low Battery Alert; indicator light blinks when batteries are low on juice.
  • Tripod mount at the base of the unit.
  • Constructed in the USA; 3 year limited warranty.
  • Simple remote control with large, easily navigable screen
  • Ability to organize your sounds by call category (i.e. howls, distress calls, prey calls, etc).
  • Custom function button — assign a custom function to the Inferno’s user button.
  • FOXBANG: With FOXBANG activated, the caller automatically switches to a assignable function (preset 1-5, toggle mute, toggle decoy) after discharging your firearm. This allows for hands free sound changing operation to help keep your eyes focused on the field where it counts.

Why Buy the FOXPRO Inferno?

FOXPRO Inferno Digital Game Call

Feature Rich

Did you read the list above? This e-caller is loaded with awesome features; for $200, it’s got everything you could possibly want. You won’t find a better unit for the price.

FOXPRO Inferno Digital Game Call - Side

Lightweight & Portable

At only 1.5 lbs, you can take this electronic predator call anywhere – or you can put it in the back of your truck and forget it’s there. With so many features and so much sound, we’re not sure how they fit it all under 1.5 lbs.

Rugged & Durable

The Inferno is built with FOXPRO’s rugged ABS Composite Material. ABS has been tested in the toughest environments. It’s also made in the USA and the Inferno is covered by a 3 year limited warranty.


Field-tested for sound quality at over 600 yards, this unit is a true predator killer.

FOXPRO Inferno Digital Game Call

Verdict on the FOXPRO Inferno

The FOXPRO Inferno is a true “bang for your buck” unit with its large sound library, ability to be custom programmed, and super-compact build. With its FOXBANG tech, the Inferno’s remote control is a big step up from the Deadbone and the Turbo Dogg.

The remote’s simple navigation options help hunters to switch between calls at whim. This allows you to keep your eyes on the field and therefore maximize your potential for a kill.

The FOXPRO Inferno truly is an incredible value with its features, overall versatility, and new technology – and it includes a 3 year limited warranty.

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