Western Rivers Mantis Pro 100 Electronic Game Call Review

Western Rivers Mantis Pro 100 Review

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Hunting has been made easier with electronic calls. You choose the sound you want, press play, and you can lure the predator in nice and close so you can get the perfect shot.

When it comes to game calls, Western Rivers is a brand that may not be as well known as the ever popular FOXPRO or ICOtec callers, however it is still dominating in its own way at the moment.

Their products are designed to lure predator animals, including coyotes. One of their more popular options is the Western Rivers Mantis Pro 100, which is an electronic game call, and one of their latest products.

In this article, we’re here with an in-depth Mantis Pro 100 review, so you can decide if it’s the right digital coyote caller for you.

Let’s dive straight in!

Western Rivers Mantis Pro 100 Electronic Game Call

General Features of the Mantis 100

The Mantis Pro 100 ecaller is a lightweight, compact electronic game call with a removable remote control.

It has 32 MB internal memory that allows for its 100 permanently downloaded sounds.

It also has a durable ABS construction to ensure it stands the test of time in any type of hunting environment thrown its way. However, it’s important to note that the caller is weatherproof (not waterproof), so be aware that it won’t stand up to being submerge in water or in extreme weather conditions.

The call unit is powered by 8 AA batteries to be fully usable, which includes the remote control. This is actually a reasonable amount of batteries in comparison to some of the larger electronic coyote calls that can be purchased.

A mentioned, the Mantis Pro 100 is lightweight, coming in at only 3.5 lbs, plus its general dimensions are 8.90 x 12.80 x 6.80 inches, so it is quite portable if you need to through it into carry bag.

It stands off the ground by using its swivelling legs. There is also the ability to attach a decoy to the Pro 100, though the power jack is external and it has a mounting bracket. You can control all its sounds and functions by remote control; which you have up to a 300 yard range with it.

It also has a 4” loudspeaker so the loudness, which is up to 110 DB, can lure in any coyote or predator. With the remote, you can easily control the loudness, call direction, and call sequences.

Comparison to other Western Rivers ecallers

The Mantis Pro 100 has about 30 more sounds than the latest Western Rivers Mantis 75R. It also has 6-way keypad, while the 75R only has 4.

Also, with the remote, you can control the loudness and sound, while in Mantis 75R you could only start/stop with the remote.

This is a huge improvement as a lot of hunters feel more comfortable putting distance between them and the calling. With the Mantis 100, you won’t have to keep going back and forth to change the settings as before.

If you were wanting to upgrade to get programmability in your electronic caller, you could consider the Mantis Pro 400, which includes an SD card slot to expand the call library plus Bluetooth functionality for easier syncing.

Mantis Pro 100 Best Features

Here are some of the features that we found to be exceptional about the Western Rivers Mantis Pro 100.

The Remote

With this improvement, you can control everything through the remote control. You won’t have to touch the unit itself while in the middle of a hunting stand.

You can also easily increase or lower the sound to create interest and adjust the calls depending on your intended target. You can also change the sounds of Mantis Pro 100 game call as you like while it’s playing.

The range also goes as far as 300 yards so you’ll have all the room to set up in a great spot without going near the calling point.

Western Rivers Mantis Pro 100 - Remote

The Loudspeaker

The Mantis Pro 100 has a 4” Reflex loudspeaker and it can reach up to 110 DB. This is definitely one of its best features as it would enhance your hunting experience and lure animals even easily. It can reach tens of yards with that loud sounds.

The remote control, a range of 100 different calls, and the loudspeaker mix together to effectively help you with your hunting experience as much as any caller could.

The Sounds

Of the 100 different pre-loaded sounds, there is quite a number that are incredibly authentic.

They sound just like the real thing. You won’t be able to differentiate between the calls and their real counterparts, and neither would the other animals.

Some of the feedback from other users is that there are also a number of sounds that are not of the greatest quality, with some being really short or even sounding like recorded versions of someone using a mouth call.

For some hunters, this may not necessarily be a bad thing as many still use mouth calls to lure in their prey, but this may be a deterrent for others.

Western Rivers Mantis Pro 100 - Decoy


One of the potential issues with the Mantis Pro 100 predator call is that although it has a large number of calls loaded, there are a few that are only a few seconds long.

Although they are still usable, you will have to continually be hitting buttons on the remote to create a call sequence. That’s definitely an area where we’d like to see some improvements.

On top of the length of the sounds, it’s important to note that the Mantis Pro 100 is not a programmable unit, so you also can’t add any more sounds to it.

Many people are more than fine with the 100 pre-loaded sounds, but be aware you may have to work a bit harder to get the right call sequence to bring in your prey.

Another minor issue is that every time you need to change the battery, you’ll need to use a screwdriver. However, this also means the battery plate will stay secure if you are accidentally a little rough when carrying it in and out of a stand.

Western Rivers Mantis Pro 100 Electronic Game Call

Verdict On The Mantis Pro 100

Western Rivers Mantis 100 Pro is designed to help you do the best hunting you could want to do.

You can see this in its features that we’ve mentioned like the remote with full control, the high volume loudspeaker or the 100 different calls available to create a unique call sequence.

Along with being easily stabilized and lightweight to carry, makes it even more convenient. It’s also relatively affordable compared to other products like it.

So whether you’re just a beginner willing to give hunting a try or an old and seasoned player to the coyote game, the Mantis Pro 100 will prove its worth to you without a doubt.