MFK Game Calls - FOXPRO Sound Library - Review

MFK Game Calls: FOXPRO Sound Library

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About MFK

Made For Killing Game Calls, most commonly referred to as MFK for short, is best known for selling a range of quality diaphragm mouth calls for hunting game and predators. However, they also have their own sound library with recordings of all their popular calls.

However, these calls are specifically available for programmable FOXPRO Electronic Game Calls. You need to be aware that the MFK Sounds purchased will ONLY work on FOXPRO calls, they won’t work with other electronic caller brands.

FOXPRO Shockwave Digital Game Call
FOXPRO HammerJack Digital Game Call
FOXPRO Inferno Digital Game Call


Some might be surprised of the partnership as FOXPRO is known for providing 100% real animal sounds. But FOXPRO is not selling MFK calls (you won’t find them on the FOXPRO website), MFK released their digital sounds with only the FOXPRO encryption.

You will still need to go to the MFK website to purchase and download the calls for your FOXPRO digital caller.

The MFK sounds range in price from $2.99 to $7.99, though majority are available at the $4.99 price mark.

If you’re new to hunting, or just wanting to get a bunch of the MFK calls in one hit, they also offer a couple of bundle pack options that will get you set up with all the sounds needed to create some great call sequences.

If you are wanting to purchase a FOXPRO Digital Game Caller pre-loaded with MFK sounds, you can purchase some models directly from the MFK website.

MFK & ICOtec No More

For those who have been coyote hunting for some time, or you may have been searching for information in relation to sounds and calls on the net, you may have seen that there use to be “MFK / ICOtec” sounds.

ICOtec Electronic Coyote Calls

Back in Aug 2015, ICOtec and MFK made the announcement that they were teaming up together – you can still find the video on Youtube if you are interested. This enabled avid MFK customers who may not have been able to use their diaphragm calls access to their sounds, plus also those who wanted to get more creative with their call sequences whilst still retaining that authentic MFK sound.

It also gave ICOtec, an emerging brand in the game call market, a unique selling point to get people to try out their new electronic predator callers that weren’t yet as popular or well known as they are today.

The partnership only lasted a couple of years. Back in early 2018, MFK posted on Facebook about the end of their partnership with ICOtec and their new start with FOXPRO. They cited the “main reason” as being differences of opinion with ICOtec’s change in their encryption method of sound files.

Since ICOtec upgraded the design of their callers and moved to the GEN2 model series in late 2018, you will only find the .ico MFK sound files on old ICOtec models.

MFK / FOXPRO: The Perfect Hunting Match

Either way, a lot of hunters were thrilled with the change and have stuck by MFK for their decision, as FOXPRO is known for its quality products plus being USA made. It could be considered a match made in coyote hunting heaven.