Best ICOtec Electronic Predator Callers

The Best of ICOtec Predator Calls

ICOtec Electronic Coyote Calls

With the claim that, “You never have to sacrifice results to save money,” ICOtec has pioneered amazing predator calls for cheap prices. While other brands focus on calls for both game and predators, ICOtec focuses almost exclusively on predator calls. In addition to their predator calls, they also offer predator decoys to help hunters get their prey.

Top ICOTec Electronic Predator Calls

Review of The ICOtec GC300

The ICOtec GC300 is Amazon's #1 Best Seller in Big Game Calls & Lures. It is made of plastic, so it will have to be treated with care, but it does its job perfectly. The GC300 allows for you to program up to 24 calls, and comes with 24 high quality natural calls pre-loaded. Its remote works at 300 yards, and it has a super loud 15W speaker. It's the #1 Best Seller for a reason - I own two of these, and they really are fantastic units. I've never had either fail me - they are durable if treated well. I went out with my brother once with two of these and killed four coyotes in two hours!

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Review of The ICOtec GC101XL


ICOtec's baseline predator call, the ICOtec GC101XL is exactly what one would want from a cheap, affordable call. It costs between $47 and $55. With a long lasting battery and a loud speaker, along with 12 animal calls, hunters can't ask for much more for the price. The GC101XL has the ability to play 2 calls simultaneously, and its remote works at 100 yards. It also has a high quality, 5W speaker. The only negative is that the jackrabbit call is reported to be lower quality than the rest, though the other calls sound great.

Review of The ICOtec GC350

Icotech GEN2 GC350
If you desire the ability to program in more calls, upgrade to the ICOtec GC350 in the $100-$150 range. A total of 24 animal calls can be programmed, with 24 calls already included.

Review of The ICOtec GC500

Icotech GEN2 GC500

If you need to program EVEN MORE, the ICOtec GC500 allows 200 calls to be programmed for a sub-$200 price.