FOXPRO Patriot Review

FOXPRO Patriot Review: All American Beginner’s E-Caller

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For those of you who plan on hunting some predators but need a partner for outsmarting them, an e-caller might just be the tool you are looking for. However, it can’t be just any e-caller, can it?

You need one that is reliable, does the trick, and doesn’t cost a fortune. And, we all know how the last point makes finding the perfect hunting “partner” quite a daunting task, right? Luckily for you, we’ve discovered the FOXPRO Patriot!

FOXPRO Patriot Digital Game Call

Review Of The FOXPRO Patriot

The Patriot electronic game caller boasts a highly transportable, compact design, a plethora of high-quality calls, and a few additional features up its sleeve. It doesn’t have the advanced remote controller like its pricier cousin the FoxPro Inferno, but what it does come with is very functional and quite easy to use.

All in all, the Patriot is a great little caller in the medium-priced range, with a high sound output, and it will certainly boost your score when it comes to killing predators and varmints.

Quick Feature Snapshot

The Patriot is somewhat smaller than most of the usual electronic callers out on the market. Its dimensions are approximately 7.5 x 3.75 x 5 inches.

Although it’s certainly smaller than the FOXPRO Shockwave, don’t let its small size fool you into thinking that it won’t do the job, because the Patriot’s speaker delivers quite a punch.

Likewise, due to its smaller size, it also weighs less than an average e-caller (1.5 lbs) so you won’t even feel it in your backpack when you are walking to and from your stands.

Although you wouldn’t expect it with its low price, the Patriot is also a programmable caller, allowing you to change up the sounds the suit your hunt.


  • Small and lightweight: 7.5″ x 3.75″ x 5″ inches and 1.5lbs.
  • Powerful single horn speaker.
  • Intuitive TX433 remote controller.
  • Durable and compact design.
  • 35 pre-loaded sounds.
  • Stores up to 300 sounds.


  • It can store up to 300 sounds, but you have to upload the remainder after purchase.
  • Not capable of playing two sounds at the same time.
  • No tweeter speaker.
  • Doesn’t come with an included decoy.
  • Doesn’t include the FOXPRO technology FOXBANG.
  • Remote antenna isn’t the best quality.
FOXPRO Patriot Digital Game Call - Side

Patriot Design

Speaking of the FoxPro Patriot, it’s one nicely designed, durable unit that can withstand some “beating around the bushes”. Also, due to its light weight, your back won’t hurt you while carrying it in your backpack until ready to use it.

With its small size, it really is the perfect option to throw in your truck and keep there just in case an unplanned hunting trip pops up or even as a back up call if you like to have a few different call options available.

In addition, the speaker itself is likewise durable and quite forgiving when you are out in the field. The last thing you want on your hunting trip is a punctured speaker and a useless gadget, right? Well, with the Patriot, you won’t have to worry about that happening.

However, as always, we do recommend keeping your e-caller in a padded backpack or carry case until you find the right spot to place it.

This will help it last longer and get many more hunting seasons out of it, as you are preventing the dust and other harmful debris from building up and shortening the lifespan of your unit.

Unfortunately, the Patriot doesn’t come with an included decoy as standard, however it does have an auxiliary port to enable the use of one. An optional FOXPRO decoy does exist and it’s quite affordable.

The FoxJack 5 is easy to use, you just plug it in the side auxiliary jack of the Patriot unit. Using a decoy will help boost your predator deceiving game quite a bit.

Sounds And Volume

When it comes to the quality of sound, the FOXPRO Patriot e-caller delivers sound quality that is neck to neck with models that are in a much higher price range. The clarity, volume, and quality of the sounds are high for what you might expect from a unit of this affordable price.

As for the call sounds, the unit comes with 35 preinstalled animal sounds, and you can download 100 more from FOXPRO website (they are free of charge). The calls range from predator calls, puppy distress calls, coy females hurt or distressed, and even hogs and baby hogs in distress.

FOXPRO Patriot Digital Game Call - Side Features

If you are looking for some other sounds that not everyone is playing, you might even consider purchasing some of the calls available from MFK, who have teamed up with FOXPRO.

To help you out in finding the sounds you need once you are out in the field, the calls are grouped in categories and precisely named by the animal and situation, which you can then scroll through. In addition, many users have provided great feedback regarding the quality of the sounds provided.

Furthermore, you don’t have to solely rely on the preloaded sounds or the additional free sounds from FOXPRO if you want to mix things up. You can easily add your own sounds (up to 125 sounds besides the 135 in total from FoxPro) by simply connecting the unit with your computer through a USB port.

As long as the sounds you upload to your unit are .mp3 or .wav, they will work flawlessly. Although you do need to be a little bit computer savvy to upload/change out the sounds, after you do it once it will be really simple the second time around.

FOXPRO Patriot Digital Game Call - Back

TX433 Remote

The range of the TX433 remote controller on the Patriot is quite good. In perfect conditions (no obstructions between the caller and the remote), the range you can expect is several hundred yards.

Sure, obstructions between the controller and the unit will shorten the range a bit, but not too much because these new remotes have excellent range and will work well even without line of sight.

As with most of the modern electronic callers on the market, if you can elevate the caller 2-3 feet off the ground, and you have a clear line of sight to the call when you’re using it, you can expect much greater distances.

As a side warning, if you purchase the Patriot, we do recommend you be careful with the remote antenna. It’s not the best design, and a few users have reported the antenna tip breaking or it getting stuck when sliding it in and out.

As for the controller design and ease-of-use, the elastomeric keypad makes it so much easier to distinguish and push all of the buttons.

FOXPRO Patriot Digital Game Call - Remote

In addition, the remote’s LCD screen shows sounds listed in categories, making the navigation back and forth between sounds hassle-free.

The remote controller comes with all the standard button features, such as a power on/off switch, volume up/down buttons, Scroll up/down, mute, and a few more.

The controls on the remote can also light up for night time use if needed. You also have a “Favorites” folder on the remote, which you can use to group your most used sounds in one category.

Important to mention is also the option of setting a predetermined volume level for each Favorite sound, making sure you deliver the right sound, at the right time, without scaring your prey.

Other Important Features

Unfortunately, though not surprising, the Patriot is not technically waterproof because in order to be certified waterproof, there are standards that have to be met. For example, it would have withstand being submerged in water for a period of time at a certain depth.

So although you should avoid dropping it in a river or a puddle of water, the Patriot can be used without a problem in light rain.

In case of a heavy downpour, the compactness of this unit will allow you to put a Ziploc bag over the top of it, without reducing the sound quality.

As for batteries, you luckily won’t need too many with this e-caller. The main unit takes 4x AA batteries, which is the same quantity to other similar callers sold by other brands. The remote takes a 9V battery.

To get the most out of your caller, you may also want to consider investing in a couple sets of rechargeable batteries that you can swap in and out as needed.

FOXPRO Patriot Digital Game Call

Verdict On The FOXPRO Patriot

Now that we’ve taken a look at all the important bells and whistles of the FOXPRO Patriot programmable coyote e-caller, we can confidently say that this unit is a great choice for beginner and novice hunters.

It will bring you many successful hunts, without breaking the bank. For more seasoned hunters, if you are looking for a backup option, the Patriot coyote caller is a fantastic choice.

The unit itself comes with a nice, slick design that is both somewhat undetectable for animals plus it’s rugged and durable at the same time.

Also, it comes with a sound quality that is expected from models that are in a much higher price range, and a remote controller that is easy to use and has many useful features that make the whole experience hassle free.

So, if you are looking for a great e-caller that’s under $150, which will significantly improve your effectiveness while hunting coyotes, we think the FoxPro Patriot Electronic Game Call just might be the one for you.

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