Lucky Duck Rebel Review

Lucky Duck Rebel Review: Small But Packs A Punch

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For those of you who plan on taking a predator hunting trip, it’s useful to keep in mind that having an electronic caller “partner” by your side is never a bad idea. Not only that your hunt will be more effective, but you will also have a chance to brush up on your aiming skills because there will be plenty of targets to choose from. That’s why we recommend the entry level model Lucky Duck Rebel e-caller.

We know how hard finding the right caller can be, especially when there are tons of brands and models out there on the market. Therefore, we decided to make this buying guide review and make your quest easier and hopefully a little bit less stressful.

In this review, we will be taking a look at all the important points of the Rebel and highlight all the pros, as well as cons, and give you an insight into why this e-caller should be your next choice when buying.

For starters, let just say that the Rebel comes with a compact, extremely portable design, offers high-quality sounds, and neat additional features. All of which will make your upcoming predator hunts enjoyable and much more highly effective.

ICOtec Outlaw Programmable Game Call Decoy Combo

Quick Feature Snapshot

The Rebel is the smallest out of all the other Lucky Duck’s E-caller we reviewed, and is in fact, smaller than most of the usual electronic callers offered. Also, due to its smaller size, the whole unit also weighs less (2 pounds) which means it won’t be a huge burden in your hunting backpack.

Let’s take a look at pros and cons of this model:


  • Easy to carry and set up
  • Comes with 12 pre-recorded sounds
  • Recorded by The Verminator, Rick Paillet
  • Motorized decoy
  • 300′ remote


  • No display on the remote
  • Doesn’t have the ability to upload more sounds
  • takes 10AA batteries just in the unit
  • The battery storage compartment it a tight fit and getting the batteries out can be tough

Now, let’s get more into it by starting with the design.

A Clever and Robust Design

As for the design of the Rebel E-caller, all we can say is that Lucky Duck put some serious effort into making it robust and easily packable due to the ability to store away both the decoy and the controller within the unit itself. You don’t have to worry that it will fall apart or that you will lose the decoy or the remote on your way to the hunting grounds.

In addition, the speaker on the Rebel has likewise a durable design and withstands even branches along the way and even low-height falls. However, in order to prolong its lifespan, we recommend carrying it in a backpack until you are ready to use it. The entire design of the Rebel is robust and durable, but dust and debris always find their way to where they aren’t supposed to be and by keeping the unit inside a backpack, you prevent that.

Lucky Duck Rebel Electronic Call - WIthout Decoy

Decoy Included As Standard

One of the things we love about Lucky Duck products is that they seem to offer more value overall than the rest of the brands on the market. For example, they have included the motorized decoy as a standard feature on all of their e-callers instead of having it as an additional option. This allows you to have a more effective hunt by mixing up the sounds with visual attraction of your prey.

The mentioned decoy is placed on top of the caller and by using the remote, you can turn it on and off and create the perfect distraction when luring in your prey and keep them intrigued long enough to take your shot.

Lucky Duck Rebel Digital Game Caller

When you are done using it, the decoy can then be stored into the carry handle. There is also a cap for the opening to prevent any water or dirt damage from occurring. In addition, the handle is wrapped with a solid rubber grip so you don’t have to worry the unit will accidentally slip from your fingers while carrying it.

Quality Sound And Top-Notch Volume

The quality of the sound is the Rebel’s main highlight! It delivers calls that are much, much better than the ones you can hear on other similar models in its price range. As a matter of fact, the Rebel’s volume, clarity, and quality of the calls are neck to neck with other brand models that are much more expensive.

As for the call sounds, the unit comes with 12 pre-installed animal sounds. They range from predator calls, puppy distress calls, racoon fighting, and so on. Also, Lucky Duck made finding the sounds extremely easy as each button has the sound type written on it so you can’t actually make a mistake. Like with the other E-callers from Lucky Duck, such as the Revolt and the Riot, the calls are provided by Rick Paillet from Verminator PC.

Perfect Remote For Novice E-caller Users

As with all of their products, Lucky Duck took their time with designing the Rebel’s remote. Although it doesn’t have a screen, it’s still nicely designed, easy to use, and an effective controller for the Rebel e-caller.

The remote can do the usual things like mute the sounds and recall, plus control the volume as needed. Up on the right-side side of the remote you will find the button that turns the decoy on and off.

Rebel Predator E-Call Remote - Lucky Duck

Right next to the decoy button, on the upper left, you will find two triangle-shaped buttons that are for volume control. Below the volume and decoy buttons, there are 12 square buttons, all marked with the sound they represent. And at the bottom, there’s one oval button that stops the sounds.

Judging by the manual, the remote is supposed to operate the caller up to 100 yards. However, out on the field, (and there is lots of feedback from numerous hunters) it actually operates to up to 300 yards without a problem.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be in the line of sight thanks to a high-quality, powerful radio connection between the remote and the unit. This is great news if you don’t want to blow your cover by having to stand up and aim at the unit to control it.

Furthermore, if for some reason you think that one sound is not enough to get the predators interested, the remote also offers the ability to play two sounds at once and create a bigger illusion and intrigue.

All things considered, the Rebel’s remote controller is quite nicely designed and doesn’t come with a steep learning curve just to use it. In fact, you could say there is no curve because it’s extremely easy to use straight out of the box.

In addition, the remote has an excellent grip, and the buttons are big and quite easy to understand. Also, you don’t even have to look at the remote to press a button because you will memorize the order after using it just once.

Lucky Duck ECaller Battery And Charger Kit

Other Important Features Of The Rebel

The Rebel Predator Caller needs 10 AA batteries just for the caller unit, plus an additional 12V 23A battery for the remote. But that’s not a problem because Lucky Duck offers a high-quality rechargeable battery pack, which we recommend if you want to save on additional costs in the longer run.

Pro tip: To extend the battery life as much as possible you should disconnect the battery plug when you’re done for the day.

Lucky Duck Rebel Electronic Predator Caller

Verdict On The Lucky Duck Rebel Predator E-Caller

With the important features of the Rebel all laid out, we have reached the end of our review. Now, when you take into consideration all that this model comes with and a few things that it lacks, we can conclude that for the price, it is actually quite a bargain!

If you make the decision to buy the Rebel, you will get a robust e-caller that will follow you on your hunting adventures and make them much more successful.

The Rebel comes with pretty much all the standard features you would expect from an entry level quality electronic coyote caller, for a fraction of a price.

So, if you are looking for a great e-caller that delivers crystal clear and loud calls, we think the Lucky Duck Rebel E-Caller just might be the one you were looking for.

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