The Best Of Lucky Duck Predator Calls

Lucky Duck Decoys are well known for their various animal decoys, predominately bird decoys such as turkeys, waterfowl and pigeons. What may not be as well known is that they are also responsible for creating some fantastic electronic predator callers as well.

Top Lucky Duck E-Callers

CallerImagePriceProgrammableFind Now
12 preloaded calls
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Up to 2000 calls
50 preloaded calls
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Up to 2000 calls
100 preloaded calls
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Up to 2000 calls
100 preloaded calls
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Up to 2000 calls
150 preloaded calls
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Lucky Duck Premium Decoys - Masters Of Deception

Like the title says, Lucky Duck Decoys can deceive just about any animal you plan on hunting. But as they say the only creature, they can’t deceive is the hunter. And that is pretty much the ideology behind everything they work with – trust and loyalty. The hunters trust them and the company is loyal to their customers. Not only do they produce premium decoys and callers, they also listen to their customers and improve their products according to user experience and suggestions.

Luck Duck Decoys is not just a brand that provides a range of different hunting products, they are a total solution for those who are focused on deceiving critters and getting the most out of their hunt. While hunters are focused on what’s in their scope, the good folks behind Lucky Duck are focused on the hunters and giving them what they need.

The Lucky Duck story began back in 1995 with just a single product. And look where they are now, just over two decades later. You can find more than 100 premium products on offer. However, one thing has remained the same since day one – lazer focus on producing only the highest-quality hunting accessories that help the hunter become much more efficient in the field.

You might be wondering how did they remain among top players in the industry? Well, they started evolving from day one and always had their customers in mind. They always listen to their customers, what they like, what they dislike, what they would change… Therefore, Lucky Duck customer support is one of the best on the market and if you visit their Facebook Page, you will see numerous words of praise by hunters from all over the world.

Lucky Duck Warranty

Lucky Duck is proud to stand behind their products; therefore their warranty is rock solid as well as their repair service.

Lucky Duck offers a one-year warranty for their products as long as it’s a manufacturing defect. All you need to get your product replaced with a new one is proof of purchase - so remember not to throw away the receipt and keep it in a safe spot.

Of course, like with any other warranty provided, if the defect is caused by the user (such as accidentally submerging the caller in water, or if the problem was caused by a dropping it) the warranty is out of limits.

For any questions you might have about the warranty of your Lucky Duck predator e-caller, just send an email directly to talk more with their support staff.

Lucky Duck Electronic Caller Models

Below are the Lucky Duck electronic caller models we think you should get to know better if predator hunting is your bread and butter and you are looking for a new caller to improve your hunt.

Lucky Duck Rebel E-Caller

The Lucky Duck Rebel Electronic Predator Caller offers quite a performance considering that it’s the base entry-level model. The Rebel comes with 12 prerecorded “predator enticing” animal calls that will make coyotes in the surrounding area immediately interested in finding out who is making that sound.

Of course, to keep the hunter out of focus and undetected, the e-caller comes with a 300-feet range remote and a motorized decoy. What’s more, you don’t even have to be in the line of sight in order to be able to use the remote.

Here are the main features of the Lucky Duck Rebel Predator E-Caller:

  • Compact yet keeps the sound quality perfect
  • 12 preloaded predator enticing animal sounds, including rabbit distress, coyote fights, howls, pup distress, woodpecker, coon distress ad crow battle.
  • Powerful 25 Watt speaker
  • Detachable motorized decoy
  • 300-feet range remote control
  • Universal tripod thread

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Lucky Duck Riot E-Caller

Next on our list is a more serious model dubbed the Riot. And to be honest, it will really cause a riot among predators from the moment you start using it. The predator caller is similar in size with the Rebel, only packed with more sounds and more advanced features. This means that it’s extremely portable without sacrificing the quality of the sound.

Speaking of the sound, right out of the box, the caller comes with 50 preloaded sounds, which are stored on an SD card within the caller. But, if that’s not enough for you, you can add up to 1950 more (giving you a total of 2000 sounds max). With your custom loaded sounds, you can make sure the predator you are hunting comes straight to you.

Like the Rebel, the Riot remote controller offers a range of over 300 feet, and it can be stored inside the caller for safe transport. It also controls the attachable decoy to keep your prey interested on your caller and not you.

The main features of the Riot are:

  • Weight of only 2.15 lbs
  • The remote displays; Volume level, sound type, timer, battery level, and more
  • Navigation buttons
  • Built-in motorized decoy with 3 speed settings
  • Four favorite buttons for easy recall
  • AUX Speaker Jack
  • Supports sound in MP3, WAV, and LD format
  • Call takes 10 AA batteries, remote takes 3 AA batteries

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Lucky Duck Revolt E-Caller

Lucky Duck Revolt is considered a game changer in the world of predator callers, It comes with a range of seriously advanced features. For starters, the caller is able to “shoot” sounds in a 360 degree pattern due to its rotational base system. That means when you are setting it up, you don’t have to worry about pointing it in the direction you think the predator might be coming from.

Furthermore, the sound level output is high and covers very large areas. If for some reason you think that you need to place more than one caller out due to the terrain or weather, the 4-channel remote will allow you to connect it with additional 3 callers and cover an even larger area.

This model comes with 100 preloaded sounds, though has a 2000 sound storage capability. The main groups of sounds include variations of predators, crows, and snow geese calls. And, like with the previous two models, the sounds you get from the factory have all been recorded by the famous Verminator, Rick Paillet.

The main features of the Lucky Duck Revolt are:

  • High sound output, plus comes with an additional tweeter speaker
  • Broadcasts sounds in a 360 degree motion
  • Motorized decoy to create erratic movement and draw coyotes in close.
  • The Revolt is 11.5" x 4" x 10.5" (height is included with tripod setup)
  • Call runs on 10 AA batteries, remote runs on 3 AA batteries.

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Lucky Duck Revolution E-Caller

The Lucky Duck Revolution is like no other electronic coyote caller on the market. It's a programmable caller, able to store up to 2000 calls, included motorized decoy, plus a super loud speaker

Similar to the Revolt, it has a magnetic rotational tripod base that is controlled by the remote, enabling you to throw out those calls in any direction.

However, what makes it truly stand out is the inbuilt HD camera, allowing you to record all the up close action of your hunting trips. Use the footage you capture to analyse your technique or share it with friends on social media.

The main features of the Revolution are:

  • Rotates in a 360 degree circle to throw sound out in every direction.
  • Mounted HD video camera to capture the movement of your prey up close.
  • Included motorized decoy to lure your prey in and keep them interested.
  • 100 pre-loaded sounds by The Verminator, Rick Paillet.
  • Takes a total of 13AA batteries, 10 for the caller and 3 for the remote.

Who Else Also Uses Lucky Duck Callers?

The guys over at Hidden Instinct use Lucky Duck E-callers, you can check out their youtube channel to see them using these predator calls in action.

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