Primos Turbo Dogg Review

Primos Turbo Dogg Review: Charge Up Your Hunting Skills

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Turning from a method of survival to a hobby taught to youngsters, hunting was and still is a popular tradition in many countries.

To be able to catch your hunt you have to possess quality hunting gear, and the Primos Turbo Dogg is of such nature.

In this Primos Turbo Dogg review, we’re going to highlight numerous features of this predator call which you will be sure to benefit from if you decide to purchase.

Primos Turbo Dogg E-Caller

General Features of the Primos Turbo Dogg

As one would expect, the gear from Primos is amongst the leading equipment in the hunting domains, and that shows in the features of the Turbo Dogg predator e-caller.

The features of the Turbo Dogg include:

Built-in Programmed Calls

Hunting is made easier with the help of the programmed calls set in the Turbo Dogg predator call. It contains 36 pre-programmed sounds along with 4 sets of calling sequences, or commonly known as expert hunts.

For the ones who might not know what an expert hunt is, it’s basically a calling sequence made by the Primos’ members that help you bring in different predators.

These expert hunts last between 10 to 20 minutes tops.

They’re guaranteed to attract coyotes along with other wild animals to your stand location, granting you the chance to enjoy your hunting trip without breaking a sweat.

On top of that, it’s provided with a USB port that you can use to download new sounds to. The Primos Turbo Dogg e-call is programmable and can save up to 500 new calls plus the pre-existing ones.

Sound Range and Sound Playlists

You want to lure in predators to where you’re positioned when hunting. For that to happen, you need a predator call that can project a wide sound range.

The Turbo Dogg caller speaker has a range as wide as 100 yards, which further facilitates your hunting spree.

Also, this predator caller contains a sound playlist which you can choose a specific animal call from a wide collection of sounds.

The playlist is arranged according to the animal species, such as deer, foxes, bobcats, etc.

Remote Control

In order to successfully capture your prey, predatory animals have to outsmart their hunt, to which they have various ways to do so. But, we’re switching up the roles here.

You can place the Turbo Dogg game call in a specific location, and remote control it from a distance of 150 yards.

Combining its sound range and faraway controlling features, you can capture any animals found within a 250 yard radius, enabling you to easily trick your prey.

Primos Turbo Dogg E-Caller - Remote


With its Realtree MAX-1 pattern, the Turbo Dogg has an outer design similar to an actual tree. Such a design acts a camouflage when you place the Turbo Dogg predator call somewhere, allowing it to perfectly blend in with the surroundings without being spotted by the prey you want to capture.

With its Realtree MAX-1 pattern, the Turbo Dogg has an outer design similar to an actual tree. Such a design acts a camouflage when you place the Turbo Dogg predator call somewhere, allowing it to perfectly blend in with the surroundings without being spotted by the prey you want to capture.

Turbo Dogg Dislikes

Nonetheless, there are some potential issues that we didn’t like, despite the many attributes we liked about the Primos Turbo Dogg predator call.

It’s always good to know the good and the bad, to ensure you make an informed decision.

These drawbacks include:

Deactivating the Predator Call

The power button in the Turbo Dogg’s remote is used to turn the predator call on, but not to turn it off. To be able to turn it off or restart it, you have to manually remove the batteries of the remote.

Additionally, the Turbo Dogg predator call requires 11x AA batteries to function. For a larger caller, this is not an unusually large amount, but is still quite a lot.

Also, there aren’t any included with the product to get you started, so it’s another cost to consider when purchasing.

Rechargeable batteries can be used in place of regular batteries. Also to remember, the batteries’ life-span will be reduced according to the surrounding temperature.

Purchasing New Sounds

Aside from the pre-existing sounds recorded in the Turbo Dogg predator call, you can add new calls to it.

Here’s the catch, it doesn’t play these sounds if they were downloaded from other websites.

If you want to add extra calls or newly released expert hunts to your Primos Turbo Dogg e-call, you have to purchase them from Primos’ website for them to work.

Prone to Damage by Water, Dust, or Sand

The Turbo Dogg predator call is water resistant, but it isn’t waterproof.

Although it can withstand water, it can malfunction if it was exposed to water for extended periods. This is usual for just about every electronic call on the market.

As with any electronic devices, the Turbo Dogg predator call can be sensitive to dust. If the caller is not well maintained, key components could crash if dust found its way inside.

A gentle wipe down after each use will prevent any unwanted microscopic particles from hurting your predator caller.

Where possible, it’s advised to keep your Turbo Dogg clean and sheltered, especially if being used in bad weather conditions, to avoid any possible damage from occurring.

Unique Selling Points of Primos Turbo Dogg

After mentioning a few good and bad features about the Primos Turbo Dogg e-caller, a few of its unique points should be mentioned as well.

Primos Turbo Dogg E-Caller - Side

Comes With A Horn Speaker

A speaker doesn’t sound like a worthy point to mention for a caller as they all have them, right? Well, we beg to differ. The horn speaker that the Primos Turbo Dogg e-caller is supplied with can produce ultra-convincing sounds, which allures all kinds of animals toward the predator caller.

Another feature about this speaker is that it can rotate. A rotating speaker boosts the sound projection, allowing the sound you’re blaring over the speaker to reach further areas in the terrain.

It’s free of distortion as well, so any of the sounds that’ll be coming out of the speaker will be as clear as a real-life animal call.

To top it all off, you can add another speaker to the Turbo Dogg predator caller. With the auxiliary jack, you can connect it to the audio-out port and have two speakers simultaneously working together if you want.

Programmable Hot Buttons

This is a great feature that that’s not available in a lot of predator callers. These hot buttons immediately switch the action of your calling system.

To put it in simpler words, you can change your audio settings no matter what you were playing by just clicking any of the programmable hot buttons.

Such a feature gives you the opportunity to react quickly according to the hunting scenario happening in front of your eyes.

Easy Portability

No need to worry about how you’re going to handle the Turbo Dogg predator call alongside your other hunting gear, because it’s much less of a hassle than you expect it to be.

It only weighs around 2.6 pounds, making it easy to handle and carry around in your hunting grounds.

You can also place your predator caller on a scope stand or a camera tripod, which helps to lift it off the ground, project sound further, and hunt even more effortlessly.

Turbo Dogg vs. Dogg Catcher

If you are tossing up whether to spend a little more and purchase the Turbo Dogg over the Dog Catcher, it definitely wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The Dogg Catcher is equipped with less sounds than the Turbo Dogg has. As previously mentioned, the Turbo Dogg predator caller has 36 pre-programmed sounds built in it, the Dogg Catcher on the other hand only has 12 sounds.

The Turbo Dogg is programmable, while with the Dogg Catcher you can’t download or put in new calls. It also does not have the feature of expert hunts.

Primos Turbo Dogg E-Caller

Verdict On The Primos Turbo Dogg

There’s no need to just rely on pure luck to catch a wild animal when going hunting anymore, due to the wide availability of numerous hunting aids and sophisticated gear.

We hope that our Primos Turbo Dogg review has helped you learn about the features of this solid electronic game caller.

The Turbo Dogg predator call can be used in more ways than one to assist you in seizing more prey than you ever did before, thanks to its loudspeaker, programmable call features, and the ability to store those extra favorite sounds you want to use on it as well.

If you are considering the best coyote call to purchase, deciding to go with the Turbo Dogg predator call may be a great fit, not only because it facilitates the hunting process, but it also makes just makes taking down coyotes even more enjoyable.

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