Coyote Hunting Colorado: Laws, Licenses & Season Info

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Interested in learning about coyote hunting regulations in Colorado? You’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn more and check out our full Q&A section below!

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Colorado Coyote Hunting – Full Q&A

Do you need a license for coyote hunting in Colorado? 

Answer: There are a number of different conditions which allow you to hunt coyote legally in Colorado. These rules are a bit complicated, so read the below carefully.

  1. There are “furbearer-only” licenses available for purchase. These allow you to hunt furbearing mammals such as coyotes, beavers, raccoons, foxes, bobcats, and more.
  2. You do not need a small-game license to hunt coyotes during big-game season, as long as you have an unfilled big-game license for that season/unit. If you’re using your unfilled big-game license, you are required to use the specific method of take permissible under the rules of that license. If your big-game hunting license is filled, you’ll have to purchase a small-game license to continue hunting.
  3. If you do not have a big-game license or furbearer-only license, you need to purchase a small-game license to hunt coyotes.

Are Electronic Predator Calls legal in Colorado?

Answer: Electronic game calls are permitted for hunting furbearers.

Coyote Hunting

Can you use a Coyote Decoy in Colorado?

Answer: Decoys are allowed.

During what season(s) is coyote hunting legal in Colorado?

Answer: All year!

Is there a bag limit for coyote hunting in Colorado?

Answer: No limit.

What firearms are legal for hunting coyotes in Colorado?

Answer: You can use any standard rifle, hand-held bow/crossbow, hand gun, or shotgun.

What rules are there around ammunition in Colorado?

Answer: It is strictly illegal to hunt game birds, small-game mammals, and fur-bearers with a centerfire rifle > 0.23 caliber during deer/elk seasons west of I-25, but not if you have an unfilled deer or elk license for that season. You must possess a small-game license.

What regulations are there for transporting coyote pelts cross-state?

Answer: Carcasses without carcass tags MUST be accompanied by the license-holder. Carcasses shipped by third-party carriers must have a photocopy of the license. Coyote pelts do not have to be inspected prior to shipping or transit.

Is coyote hunting at night permitted in Colorado?

Answer: The following animals can be hunted at night: coyote, raccoons, bobcats, striped skunks, beavers, and red, gray, and swift foxes.

The regulations for artificial lighting differ for Private versus Public land.

  • Private lands: If you are hunting on private lands, you can use artificial light to hunt the animals listed above, with permission of the landowner.
  • Public lands: You must have a permit from the local district or wildlife department to use artificial light while hunting on public lands. It is strictly forbidden to hunt using a light attached to or projected from a vehicle.

Are there any restrictions on firearms for night-hunting in Colorado?

Answer: Any firearm or bow/crossbow approved for day-hunting of furbearers is approved for night-hunting. If you are hunting at night, the rules are different for Private versus Public land. See above.

Can you legally hunt from a vehicle in Colorado?

Answer: You must possess a permit issued by a local wildlife manager, who will issue the permit if vehicle hunting is deemed necessary to protect property, crops, livestock, etc.

An important exception to this rule can be made under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Hunters with disabilities under the rules of the ADA may make special requests for:

  • Shooting from a stationary vehicle/OHV;
  • Use of the vehicle exterior to support a firearm, bow, or crossbow;
  • An assistant to track and kill wounded game.

Does Colorado have a bounty program?

Answer: No, there is no bounty program in Colorado.

Last Updated: March 5, 2017

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