FOXPRO Banshee Review

FOXPRO Banshee Review: A Shriek And Scream Predator Caller

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Calling in coyotes is a hobby that can quickly become expensive and if you have a hard time with mouth calls, then this FOXPRO Banshee review is for you!

While this is an excellent call for anyone wanting to bring the predators running, it’s unfortunately no longer available from the manufacturer. You may wish to check out current models from FOXPRO.

If you are still keen to purchase one, with a little bit of searching, you’ll be able to bring this call home from a different company or a second-hand model. We hope this review is still helpful if you decide to look for a Banshee that’s on sale.

FOXPRO Banshee American Made Electronic Predator Call

Overview of the FOXPRO Banshee

Taking calls out to the field is usually just as simple as slipping one into your coat pocket, although it’s still a portable unit, this electronic coyote call takes a little bit more to bring out and get working during your hunting trip. The entire contraption weighs about 3 pounds and has a high-efficiency horn speaker which projects the sound out into the field.

In addition to the speaker, the remote control is long-range and has an LCD to easily adjust the call as needed. There are 100 pre-loaded sounds provided by FOXPRO to get you started, but with its sound storage capacity, you can create and store up to 200 for easy access to a range of quality calls! The sounds are stored in different categories which makes it simple to pull up the perfect sound when you’re out calling in your predators.

A manual call doesn’t need to be recharged so the fact that this one requires some batteries and forethought can end up being a deterrent. But if you don’t want to deal with replacing batteries all the time, you can purchase a lithium rechargeable battery pack so you won’t need to lug around batteries in your field kit every time you head out. Just be sure to have it fully charged before you go out hunting!


  • Excellent storage capacity with room for over 200 sounds
  • Includes 100 built-in sound presets so you can hit the ground running.
  • FoxBang feature makes hunting easier
  • Buttons on remote are all programmable so they can be assigned any function
  • Large LCD with backlighting makes the display easy to see even in the dawn and dusk hours of the day
  • Very simple interface navigation
  • Speaker gives out very loud and clear sound projects far across the hunting range


  • While the LCD screen itself is backlit, the buttons are not so navigating it in the dark or dusk can be difficult
  • When the volume is turned up to the max the sounds can become distorted and hard to hear across a wide range 

FOXPRO Banshee Features

One of the things that set this caller apart from its counterparts is the unique features. We’ll go through some of them here so you can make the best choice for your next hunting expedition!

Unit Design

While this unit is larger than other types of calls, the overall design is efficient and compact. With lots of different options for sounds and calls, the unit design is simple and makes for an effective choice while out in the field.

FOXPRO Banshee American Made Electronic Predator Call

Speaker Volume

For being a smaller speaker and offering excellent portability, the sound that comes from this unit is loud for its size! The horn speaker can produce quality sounds at volume and attract the attention of nearby predators right away.

There have been some reports that say when the range of volume is turned right up, the sound can start to become distorted but for most, the intermediate ranges are where they want to call from anyway and the sound remains clear in that area. 

If you find that you really need some extra volume during your hunting experience, there is an external speaker jack so you can attach additional speakers. 

Long Range Remote Control Technology

There are two key parts to this system: the horn speaker and the FOXPRO Banshee remote control.

The speaker can be set up at a distance from your hunting area to use it strategically when hunting. The TX1000 remote range can reach long distances with ease and has a great backlit display so you’ll be able to see everything even when dusk starts to fall.

The buttons are labeled but they’re not backlit so while you’ll be able to see the large, easy-to-read screen fine, the buttons themselves may be a mystery in the dark. The buttons are also programmable which means you can set them to your preferences and make them easy to access when you’re out and about.

FOXPRO Banshee American Made Electronic Predator Call

Sounds / Calls

This unit comes with 100 FOXPRO Banshee sounds already programmed as presets. You can increase this to a 200 sound capacity by simply connecting to your computer via a USB port. The company has a program that you’ll use to create and adjust your calls on the unit called FoxPro Programmer. You can then create your own custom sound list for a more versatile hunting experience.

After you download the program you can easily add, remove, or completely reorganize your FOXPRO Banshee sounds by category to suit your needs while out hunting!


The Banshee doesn’t come with a decoy as standard, however if you were wanting to use one, it does have an auxiliary jack to attach your favorite decoy.

Also, included in this call is a feature called FoxBang. After you take your first shot, the unit falls back on your first presets so you keep up all of the noise to cover the shot, plus lure more critters in to see what’s happening by moving your decoy remotely. 


While the remote and unit do require AA batteries, you can use lithium rechargeable pack options to use fewer batteries over time. This unit does use a lot of batteries though, 10 to be exact! The rechargeable battery packs make it easier to lug around this unit since you won’t need to have commercial size packs of throw away batteries on you every time you go out.


The manufacturer offers a three-year warranty for this digital call! If you don’t love it, you can ship it back and you’ll be able to get your money back even if it takes you a few tries to find out whether you enjoy using it or not.


What’s the average price of a unit like this?

This call is going to run up the cost quite a bit. If you’re serious about predator hunting, this is a good choice for calling in anything. The average cost for this unit is about $400 from secondary retailers. The FOXPRO company isn’t currently selling this unit so you’ll need to check out retailers like Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops, or Scheels.

What can I call in with this?

The most common predator that you’ll be able to call in with this unit is coyotes! For keen predator hunters who want to try other hunting experiences, you can also program different sounds to reach out to any predator you can imagine from bobcats to mountain lions.

FOXPRO Banshee American Made Electronic Predator Call

Verdict On The FOXPRO Banshee

The FOXPRO Banshee is a great piece of equipment for anyone who wants to get some serious hunting in. The unit is simple to use, effective at long range, and can be easily programmed to suit your needs. There are a few quirks to work out for the company but overall throughout this FOXPRO Banshee is a high-quality electronic predator call and is a great piece to have for your next hunting expedition!

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