Our Favorites: The Best Electronic Coyote Calls of 2016

Each year, we read about new breakthroughs from great manufacturers of electronic predator calls. A lot of these “breakthroughs” just end up being marketing gimmicks, underscoring the importance of doing solid research on product offerings before choosing to buy. Failing to do your research can lead to big-time disappointment.

We all have unique needs and wants when it comes to our electronic callers. This makes it even harder to choose the best electronic call for you. Despite this fact, there are certain coyote calls that are objectively great. There are e-callers that are truly a step above the rest — callers that are especially loud, or are extremely durable, or have programmability, or have great quality call sounds.

These curated electronic callers are repeatedly and consistently proven to be the best-in-class, not just for the ElectronicCoyoteCalls.com Team, but for thousands of hunters in the US, Canada, Europe, and beyond. We hope you find our list of the best electronic coyote calls of 2016 to be helpful.

Best Electronic Coyote Calls of 2016


1. FOXPRO Inferno

The Inferno is in the $100-$200 range, features 50 electronic calls and has an easy-to-use full LED remote control. It’s no wonder that this unit is one of the best electronic coyote calls. The FOXPRO Inferno has a reputation for being extraordinarily loud. It’s a mid-range unit providing predator hunters with all the versatility and durability they’d expect from FOXPRO. It’s our favorite programmable unit out there in its price range, and one of the best electronic coyote calls money can buy.

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Amazon Price: $299.99
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ICOtec GC300

2. ICOtec GC300

Boasting features you’d expect from a $200+ unit, the ICOtec GC300 truly surprised us at its sub-$100 price tag. The GC300 allows you to play two sounds simultaneously, is proven in rain and snow, and has an awesome remote control range of 300 yards. It’s light, portable, loud, inexpensive, and deadly. This isn’t a well-known brand, but they’ve created a series of some of the best electronic coyote calls in the GC350, GC300, and GC500.

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Amazon Price: $89.95
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FOXPRO Shockwave

3. FOXPRO Shockwave

The Shockwave is hands down the best electronic coyote call on the market today and honestly, the best coyote call we have ever used. FOXMOTION, FOXDATA, and FOXBANG are only three of a large set of features aimed at helping hunters customize their hunt and store data. It’s a predator caller and a robust data analysis tool all in one. Read the full review in the link below, because there’s more features than we can possibly list here!

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Amazon Price: $629.99
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Primos Dogg Catcher

4. Primos Dogg Catcher

The Dogg Catcher from the guys at Primos is very affordable at its sub-$60 price. Although many units at this price falter with loudness and power, we came away highly impressed with this unit’s range. An added bonus is the inclusion of dozens of predator calls and sequences prepared by the legendary Randy Anderson. It’s the best coyote call under $100.

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Amazon Price: $59.99
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FOXPRO Deadbone

5. FOXPRO Deadbone

Priced in the low $100 range, the FOXPRO Deadbone is a premier entry level electronic call. This unit comes with 15 different sounds pre-loaded, and is strong at calling in coyotes and prey animals alike. This e-caller has all of the high quality that I come to expect with the FOXPRO brand without all the bells and whistles. It’s a great entry-level unit.

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Amazon Price: $129.99
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How To Choose the Best Coyote Call:

  1. Use our “Top 5” list to make the right decision.
  2. Decide which features are most important to you. Is it price? Durability? Or programmability?
  3. Review the return policy for any product you buy. Many brands have very forgiving policies to insulate you from risk.
  4. Buy the coyote call that best matches your unique needs!

Want It All? Have It All: The FOXPRO Shockwave Review

Once again, FOXPRO has set the bar with their newest unit, the FOXPRO Shockwave. The Shockwave, in the $500-$600 range, truly redefines your expectations of your electronic game call. This unit features many never-before-seen FOXPRO technologies, including:

  • FOXMOTION: Fade your calls directionally, i.e. left-to-right, to “sell” your call sequences as genuine and natural.
  • FOXFUSION: Mix and match two sounds simultaneously during a call sequence.
  • FOXPITCH: Manipulate the pitch of your game calls to make them more unique and truly add a new dimension to your call library.
  • FOXDATA: Our personal favorite feature — this is a real-time data storage program that brings true analytics to your predator hunting. Access your data after your hunts to see what conditions (what temperature was it? what moon phase? what barometer reading?) were most productive and deadly during your hunt. This really allows you to iterate on your technique and improve as a predator hunter.shockwave

The FOXPRO Shockwave has four speakers – two tweeters, and two horn speakers. This guarantees unmatched sound and volume ability. Like other units in the FOXPRO family, the Shockwave unit has two external speaker jacks if you need more sound. But honestly, the only time you could possibly need more sound from your Shockwave is if you’re going out in a blizzard. The Shockwave has an additional auxiliary jack to connect your Predator Decoy if you have one.

This is one of our favorite programmable coyote calls for a reason. Although the FOXPRO Shockwave comes with 100 quality FOXPRO calls pre-loaded, you can store up to 1,000 additional calls of your own. When in the field, you’ll enjoy using your TX-1000 remote; it has a full color LCD screen with efficient, easily navigable sound lists/categories. This unit also comes with more electronic features than you can count on two hands — including a barometer indicator, moon phase indicator, temperature sensor, battery level, timer, and patented FOXFUSION, FOXMOTION, FOXPITCH, FOXDATA, and FOXBANG technologies.

Key Features

  • Comes with 100 calls of your choice, and is programmable with a 1,000 call capacity. One good free resource for more calls can be found here.
  • Speakers SWIVEL for focusing sound directionally
  • Four Speaker System (2 horn speakers, 2 tweeters)
  • 3.25lbs with batteries
  • Moon phase, temperature, and barometer readings. Timer and real-time clock included too.
  • Easy-to-read TX-1000 remote with 2.7″ Full-LED display
  • Rugged ABS housing
  • FOXMOTION – Mimic the natural movement of prey by dynamically fading sound left-to-right
  • FOXFUSION – Play any two sounds simultaneously and match any two sounds of your choice
  • FOXPITCH – Manipulate the pitch of your calls to add a new dimension to your call library
  • FOXDATA – Your true hunting analytics platform. Real-time recording of temperature, moon phase, barometer, stand duration, shot time, etc.

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Why Buy the FOXPRO Shockwave?

Versatility & Features
This e-caller is loaded with the best features we’ve ever seen in an electronic coyote call. FOXPRO’s Shockwave isn’t cheap at its $500-$600 price range, but for the predator hunter who wants it all, you can finally have it all.

FOXPRO has gone all-in on their warranty policy, knowing the quality of their tech is unmatched, maybe even legendary. Almost every unit they sell has a multi-year warranty. The FOXPRO Shockwave has the longest warranty of any FOXPRO electronic call. Buy with confidence.

Very Portable Considering the Power & Features
At 3.5 lbs, this unit is a bit less portable than its little brother, the 1.5 lb FOXPRO Inferno. In reality, the difference between 3.5 lbs and 1.5 lbs isn’t noticeable for the typical predator hunter.

Rugged & Durable
The Inferno is built with FOXPRO’s rugged ABS Composite Material. ABS has been tested in the toughest environments. It’s also made in the USA and the Inferno is covered by a 3 year limited warranty.

Become a Better Hunter With FOXDATA 
This unit is unlike any other predator call we’ve ever reviewed because it has true data collection and hunting analytics. If you’re already a stud hunter, the only way you’re going to get more technically adept is by diving into data. FOXDATA lets you review every hunt you take the FOXPRO Shockwave on. You can see the times you were most successful, and the times you had more difficulty. That alone is worth the price tag. You can finally take your skill to the next level.

FOXPRO Shockwave



ElectronicCoyoteCalls.com Verdict

This is, hands down, the best electronic coyote call we have ever used. If you aren’t scared by the price tag, the FOXPRO Shockwave is a must-have. Buy it and never look back. You’ll probably never need to buy another electronic call in your life.

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Bang For Your Buck: The FOXPRO Inferno Review

Here’s our FOXPRO Inferno Review! Sorry for the wait 🙂

Are you looking for the best electronic coyote call in the $200 range with awesome volume, unmatched portability, and diverse features? Do you want the added guarantee of having a 3 year warranty, to protect your investment? How about great range? Would you balk if we told you this baby can be heard by human ears up to 700 yards away?FOXPRO Inferno

The FOXPRO Inferno delivers true bang for your buck with its 1.5 lb portability, extreme volume and sound quality, and various features. It includes a diverse library of 75 FOXPRO calls, far greater than most electronic predator calls on the market. Its storage allows for up to 200 calls. You can program this unit exactly how you like, and upload more than 100 of your favorite calls from the internet. FOXPRO has a great free sound library here.

Key Features

  • The Inferno is easily reprogrammable, with a USB port allowing you to link with your PC.
  • Storage capacity of 200 sounds, and includes 75 high quality FOXPRO calls.
  • Included auxiliary speaker jack, in case you need additional volume. Most useful in snow, which notoriously muffles sound.
  • Additional aux jack for linking with a FOXPRO decoy.
  • Low Battery Alert; indicator light blinks when batteries are low on juice.
  • Tripod mount at the base of the unit.
  • Constructed in the USA; 3 year limited warranty.
  • Simple remote control with large, easily navigable screen
    • Ability to organize your sounds by call category (i.e. howls, distress calls, prey calls, etc).
    • Custom function button — assign a custom function to the Inferno’s user button.
    • FOXBANG: With FOXBANG activated, the caller automatically switches to a assignable function (preset 1-5, toggle mute, toggle decoy) after discharging your firearm. This allows for hands free sound changing operation to help keep your eyes focused on the field where it counts.

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Why Buy the FOXPRO Inferno?

Key Features List
Didja read the list above? This e-caller is loaded with awesome features; for $200, it’s got everything you could possibly want.

Lightweight & Portable
At only 1.5 lbs, you can take this electronic predator call anywhere – or you can put it in the back of your truck and forget it’s there. With so many features and so much sound, we’re not sure how they fit it all under 1.5 lbs.

Rugged & Durable
The Inferno is built with FOXPRO’s rugged ABS Composite Material. ABS has been tested in the toughest environments. It’s also made in the USA and the Inferno is covered by a 3 year limited warranty.

Performance: Field-tested for sound quality at over 600 yards, this unit is a true predator killer.

ElectronicCoyoteCalls.com Verdict

The FOXPRO Inferno is a true “bang for your buck” unit with its large sound library, ability to be custom programmed, and super-compact build. With its FOXBANG tech, the Inferno’s remote control is a big step up from the Deadbone and the Turbo Dogg. The remote’s simple navigation options help hunters to switch between calls at whim. This allows you to keep your eyes on the field and therefore maximize your potential for a kill. The FOXPRO Inferno truly is an incredible value with its features, overall versatility, and new technology — and it includes a 3 year limited warranty.

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Compact & Great Value: The Primos Dogg Catcher Review

Primos Dogg CatcherThe Primos Dogg Catcher is a compact and highly portable electronic call that boasts simple-to-use features and great value. We have spoken at length about what a great and historic brand Primos is on our site. Will Primos first started building calls in 1963 and his brand has grown to be in that top tier of predator call companies, with the likes of FOXPRO and ICOtec. The Primos brand certainly deserves its sterling reputation in the hunting world. The Dogg Catcher is an excellent, great-value-for-a-low-price addition to Primos’ awesome product line.

The Dogg Catcher comes in at a sub-$80 price on Amazon, which is consistent with the best entry level predator calls on the market. This unit is made with the high quality composite moulded material Primos prides themselves on, and is made for success in bad weather conditions. This is a great unit for the predator hunter who’s just getting started and wants great functionality and features at a low price.


Electronic calls within the same brand share consistent base functions, and Primos is no different. The Primos Dogg Catcher is the baby brother of the Primos Alpha Dogg and Primos Turbo Dogg, both of which have MUCH higher price tags and more features to boot. For example, both the Turbo Dogg and Alpha Dogg are programmed with more than 3x the sounds of the Dogg Catcher. They also feature hunt sequences by Randy Anderson, whereas the Dogg Catcher only has individual Randy Anderson calls. Hunters new to e-callers shouldn’t be concerned with having a huge library of calls or the ability to run 30-minute pre-programmed hunt sequences. They’re largely unnecessary and you won’t learn anything or become a better hunter by just running pre-programmed sequences. Because it is simple to use and very inexpensive, the Dogg Catcher is a great entry-level choice for any hunter.

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Why Buy the Primos Dogg Catcher?

The Primos Dogg Catcher is Primos’ entry level electronic call. This unit comes programmed with 12 different predator calls by hunting guru Randy Anderson, so you know you’re getting quality, albeit in a smaller library than a $200 or $300 electronic caller. It’s a true steal at its sub-$80 price tag, and will get you started off on the right foot if you’re new to e-calling.


This unit weighs only 2.5 lbs — lighter than most FOXPRO units — and plays MUCH louder than any mouth call. While testing this unit, we were amazed not only at how compact and light it is, but also how loud our calls were in open fields. There are plenty of e-callers that really struggle with loudness (we haven’t bothered featuring them on our site), but at sub-$80, this baby is surprisingly LOUD.

Can Play 2 Sounds Simultaneously

The Primos Dogg Catcher’s single high-powered horn speaker delivers volume that would be satisfactory for almost any hunt. This unit can play two sounds simultaneously, which is a big benefit for newbies and pros alike. One of the best ways to improve as a predator caller is to learn from mixing different sounds — i.e. “learning to speak the language.” With these facts in mind, you’re getting a unit with awesome value in the Dogg Catcher.

High-Quality Randy Anderson Calls

Randy Anderson is one of the biggest names in hunting today. Dozens of years of predator hunting have taught him how to replicate the language of coyotes. He knows what, and when, to use each type of call. He’s designed a series of calls, available on the Primos Dogg Catcher, to help hunters across the USA to learn to speak the coyote’s language.

Here is the full list the calls that Randy loaded on to the Dogg Catcher (12 total):

  • Coyote interrogation howls, Female invitation howls, Coyote serenade, Adult coyote distress, Coyote pup distress, Cottontail distress, Baby cottontail distress, Jackrabbit distress, Baby jackrabbit distress, Baby fawn distress, Rodent distress, Woodpecker distress

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ElectronicCoyoteCalls.com Verdict

The Primos Dogg Catcher is well-made and has all of the basic features required in an entry level e-caller. At a sub-$80 price, this unit is a ridiculous steal, if not just to have a low-cost back-up handy. It weighs less than 3 lbs, and can be controlled from 150 yards away. With its 12 different calls and powerful horn speaker, this electronic coyote call should satisfy the needs of most hunters. Although you can’t program your own calls on to the Dogg Catcher, this feature is not included in any sub-$200 electronic call, so it isn’t fair to expect this in an entry-level call. For more features, including a larger call library and programmability, check out the Primos Turbo Dogg and Primos Alpha Dogg.

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Inexpensive & Feature-Rich: The FOXPRO Deadbone Review

Are you in the market for an electronic predator call from the best brand, that is virtually indestructible, inexpensive, and powerful? Then look no further than the FOXPRO Deadbone. Although price might not always be the primary factor in choosing the best electronic coyote call, it’s best to get a fantastic deal. As far as entry level calls go, you can’t go wrong with the FOXPRO Deadbone.
FOXPRO DeadboneThe FOXPRO Deadbone is priced just under $150, which is on the higher end of entry level electronic coyote calls. At such a low price, though, it’s amazing the great features that this unit boasts. If you need an electronic call that works well in all situations — predator calling, prey calling, bad weather — why pay $300 when you can get it all at under $150?

Most electronic calls of the same brand/series share similar base functions. The FOXPRO Deadbone is the lil’ brother of the FOXPRO Inferno and FOXPRO Hellfire, both of which have some advanced, premium features. For example, both units have remotes with full-color LCD screens, and boast 50 calls and 200+ calls, respectively. They’re also both a bit louder than the Deadbone, but because the Deadbone has an external speaker jack, you can always hook up another speaker if you find you need more juice.

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Why Buy the FOXPRO Deadbone?

The FOXPRO Deadbone is FoxPro’s entry level electronic call, and it comes with a pre-programmed remote with 15 different sounds, perfect for luring in predators. This isn’t the BEST caller on the market, but it has all of the high quality that I come to expect with the FOXPRO brand, at a VERY friendly price.

Able to Play Two Sounds at Once

With its high-powered horn speaker, the Deadbone can deliver enough sound for almost any hunt. We have tested the Deadbone’s audio fidelity at maximum volume. The calls are absolutely crystal clear at max. The ability to play two sounds simultaneously is a big benefit, too. The remote provides 20 steps of adjustable volume, and requires on a 9v battery. The caller itself requires 4 AA batteries.

Lightweight & Indestructible: ABS Composite Material

FOXPRO Deadbone Coyote Kill 2014ABS is FOXPRO’s thick plastic composite material.  I can say from experience that it’s so high quality it feels military-grade. ABS is an injection-moulded plastic housing that is waterproof and highly effective at protecting your calling equipment. It’s also very lightweight. This means you can take your FOXPRO Deadbone along with you across even the most rugged terrain. Also, all FOXPRO products are made in the USA.

Proven in Snow and Rain

We at ElectronicCoyoteCalls.com tested this unit in 2014, in Washington state in 6 inches of snow. Snow is a unique challenge for electronic callers, because snow is notorious for muffling electronic sounds. However, we found that the Deadbone performed far in excess of our expectations.

Versatile Calls

Here is the full list of Deadbone calls (15 total):

  • Coyote Locator, Female Coyote Howls, Female Coyote Challenge, Coyote Pair, Coyote Pup Distress, Platinum Grey Fox Pup, Jackrabbit, Cottontail, Snowshoe Hare, Baby Cottontail, Woodpecker, Nutty Nuthatch, Crow Fight, Fawn Distress, Vole Squeaks

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ElectronicCoyoteCalls.com Verdict

The FOXPRO Deadbone is a virtually indestructible and feature-rich higher-end entry level unit. At a sub-$150 price, this unit is a definite steal. With its 15 different calls and high-efficiency horn speaker, this electronic coyote call will completely satisfy the needs of most hunters. There are some features that are missing, such as the ability to change or program your own calls. However, this is not included in any sub-$200 electronic call, so don’t sweat that too much. For more features, including a larger call library and programmability, check out the FOXPRO Inferno, FOXPRO Shockwave, or FOXPRO Hellfire. It was a pleasure to write this FOXPRO Deadbone review – it’s such an excellent all-around unit.

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Cheap, Durable, & Effective: The ICOtec GC300 Review

If you are looking for an electronic coyote call from a great brand, that is durable, cheap, and effective, look no further than the ICOtec GC300. Although the price tag shouldn’t be the primary factor in choosing the best electronic coyote call, it is certainly good to get a good deal. In terms of entry level coyote calls, you can’t do better than the ICOtec GC300.

gc300It comes in at the price of an entry level electronic predator call, but boasts features like those you’d get from a $200+ electronic caller, without all the bells and whistles and extra features of that higher end price tag. If you need an electronic call that works well in all situations — predator calling, prey calling, bad weather, snow (tough condition because it muffles sound) — why pay $200 when you can get it at a sub-$100 price?

To put it bluntly, in most cases electronic calls of the same brand/series all have similar base functions. The ICOtec GC300 is the little brother of the GC350 and GC500, both of which have some more advanced, extra features that you might prefer. For example, the GC350 and GC500 both allow you to program in your own calls, which is definitely a great feature that I’ve written about in other articles on my site. The GC350 and GC500 also have larger storage capacity, but in terms of power, sound, and wattage, they offer no advantage over the ICOtec GC300.

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Why Buy the ICOtec GC300?

  • Can play two sounds simultaneously; so for example you can mix a whitetail distress call with a coyote howl for maximum effectiveness during your hunt.
  • 120 db, 15 W speaker for awesome sound out in the field. Although there ARE definitely calls louder than the GC300, this one will satisfy the needs of most hunters.
  • If you don’t need programmability and a large library of predator and game calls, this unit will satisfy all of your needs at a low price tag under $100.
  • The ICOtec GC300 is very portable and light due to its durable composite plastic exterior, making it a great choice for virtually any terrain.
  • The remote works up to 300 yards away and the call itself operates on batteries, so if your call dies out on a hunt, you can simply swap out the dead batteries for new ones. This is definitely preferable versus having to end your hunt and go home to recharge the caller.
  • It contains twelve excellent sounds that will satisfy the needs of most hunters: Coyote Pup Distress, Fawn Distress, Gray Fox Distress, Jackrabbit Distress, Coyote Female, Coyote Howl, Coyote Male, Crow Baby Distress, Woodpecker Baby Distress, Bobcat Adult, Cottontail Distress

ElectronicCoyoteCalls.com Verdict

The ICOtec GC300 is a highly durable, effective entry level unit that backs in to a price well below $100. With its 12 different calls and 15W speaker, this electronic coyote call will easily satisfy the needs of most hunters. However, there are certain features that are missing — most prominent is the lack of programmability. This isn’t a feature that comes cheap, so new hunters probably won’t be looking for it anyways. However, if you do want programmability, check out the ICOtec GC350 or GC500. In our opinion, this is the best and most reliable entry level electronic call for the price.

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The 5 Best PROGRAMMABLE Electronic Predator Calls!

Coyote hunting and predator hunting are very challenging and increasingly popular pastimes in our United States. Coyotes, and predators in general, are highly intelligent and adaptable – and you certainly need to be if you want to catch them! You, the hunter, need to be adaptable and intelligent.coyotewa

Electronic predator calls have been on the market for more than a decade now; see some of my other articles here in the “Info” section to read more about the history of electronic calls. One problem was that when they first came out, recorded electronic calls weren’t high quality, or realistic. As a result, they were less than perfect at drawing in animals.

E-calls have certainly improved over time.

E-calls are now highly realistic and come with remote controls to draw in even the most cautious, wily predator. If you buy the best electronic predator call within your budget, and then devote yourself to learning to use it, you’ll have armed yourself with a HUGE advantage over these ever-adapting creatures.

Following on this theme of technology, I have prepared a list of the 5 best programmable electronic predator calls. When I say programmable, I mean that you can actually load in your own sounds and sequences to truly customize your hunt. The best predator hunters in the world use programmable calls, just as the best coyotes in the world have heard that one FOXPRO ‘yote distress call a million times.

Here’s my comparison of the top five programmable calls out there now.

Comparison Chart: Top Electronic Predator Calls

Model# CallsProgrammable?Remote?Price?Our Rating
ICOtec GC50024YesYes$$$4.8
Primos Alpha Dogg64YesYes$$$$4.6
FoxPro Shockwave200YesYes$$$$$4.6
Primos Turbo Dogg36YesYes$$$4.2
ICOtec GC35024YesYes$$4.1

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Advantages of Programmable Electronic Game Calls

The majority of hunters have used mouth calls made from various materials, including wood, bone, horn, and plastic. This has always been an effective mode of calling for (1) highly skilled hunters and (2) the less wary predators of yesteryear. Nowadays, gaining your edge over predators require a more savvy approach.

Old hand-calling methods require a lot of skill and practice. Electronic predator calls, on the other hand, give a perfectly consistent animal or game call each time. Here’s our list of the advantages that e-calls offer:

  • Ability to store dozens of calls of many different types; distress calls, mating calls, etc.
  • E-calls have been made to withstand even the worst conditions; manual, hand-held calls can fail you if the wind blows too hard or it’s rainy. Electronic calls were made to be dropped in the mud dozens of times, and to withstand heavy rain.
  • PROGRAMMABILITY – all of the electronic calls listed in this post are programmable, which allows you to prepare custom sequences and blends of calls to prepare the best mix for your predator of choice. We’ve noticed that with our e-calls, a mix of distress, low frequency howls, and yelps often works best.
  • Using an electronic call allows you to focus your energy — your eyes, in particular — on the surroundings, giving you the best chance of spotting a sneaky coyote.

Electronic Predator Call Reviews: The Top 5 Programmable Calls!

#1 Programmable Call: The ICOtec GC500


The GC500 is a fantastic unit for hunters of all skill levels. It has a programmable memory cache that can store up to 200 calls, and comes with 24 calls by Wildlife technologies pre-loaded. This unit is more than sufficient for the needs of most predator callers; it is known to successfully draw in bobcat, bear, coyote, fox, and wolf. This unit is also great for attracting other types of animals, making it a highly versatile unit and one-stop shop for your game calling needs. You can call crow, snow geese, white tails, and raccoons with this baby.

Of particular strength/quality are this unit’s pup, jackrabbit, fawn, crow, distress calls for drawing in coyotes attracted to distress signals. You might switch to a male coyote howl or yip to finish your hybrid call blend, hard for a coyote to ignore!

The GC500 is controllable from up to 300 yards, allowing you to be hidden and have the predators walk right by you on their way to your stand! Coyotes are known as highly skittish animals; using this call minimizes the chances of scaring them off.


#2 Programmable Call: The Primos Alpha Dogg


The Alpha Dogg is a caller that hunters dream about. It comes with 75 calls pre-loaded and can hold 1,000 in total (2 GB memory). The Alpha Dogg’s unique speaker system sets it apart; this system allows for a full 80 degrees of sound coverage! This unit can be controlled from up to 200 yards away from your hunting stand.

This Primos caller also has auxiliary jacks for playing custom calls via a USB connection. It comes configured for coyote hunting with its starter pack of 75 calls, and you can easily change the call sequence in the bush depending on how each situation unfolds. Oftentimes, it’s very useful to be able to shift your approach while working to draw in an incoming coyote.

Some hunters call the Primos Alpha Dogg a “virtual Rosetta stone” of the coyote language. By shifting your call sequences, you can almost talk to the coyotes to draw them in. This unit performs perfect female whimpers, coyote pup yips, seranade howls, and coyote distress calls. These calls are all you’d need to persuade a coyote to come looking around.

As you can see, this unit allows you to build a true cache of predator calls, which you can customize in ways impossible with a handheld call.


#3 Programmable Call: The FOXPRO Shockwave


The FOXPRO Shockwave is a four-speaker system with two tweeters and two horn speakers for the ULTIMATE sound and volume capacity. This unit has two external jacks for additional volume, but believe us when we say this thing is LOUD.

The Shockwave comes with 100 FOXPRO sounds pre-loaded, but you can store and program up to 1,000 in total. This unit has a beautiful full color graphic LCD screen, which allows you to scroll through your sound list/categories with ease. There are a ton of other features, including a temperature sensor, moon phase indicator, barometers, and more. One of the coolest features of the Shockwave is the patented FOXMOTION technology, which helps you “sell” the reality of your calls by shifting/fading the volume left-to-right.

This unit also has top-of-the-line sound mixing, pitch manipulation, and data collection (temp, barometer, moon phase, duration, etc) to help you not only perform at your best, but also learn from the collected data of previous hunts. The Shockwave is definitely expensive, but worth every penny for the coyote hunter who wants it all.

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#4 Programmable Call: The Primos Turbo Dogg


This Primos caller is a single speaker call which comes equipped with 36 pre-programmed calls. This unit has a 25 Watt high-powered rotating speaker and can hold up to 500 calls from the Primos library of predator and game calls.

The Primos Turbo Dogg has a simple-to-operate remote control with an almost 200 yard range, as well as a programmable Decoy Button to change your calls and sequences as your hunt unfolds. This type of feature is unique to this caller and isn’t seen anywhere else in the market. Importantly, this is a very portable caller, and can fit into a duffel or knapsack.

The Turbo Dogg also comes equipped with 4 expert hunt sequences that are each around 20 minutes long. These sequences were developed and tested by Team Primos (including Randy Andersen) – it’s like you’re out calling with the best of the best!


#5 Programmable Call: The ICOtec GC350


The ICOtec GC350 gives you “better for less” — and it shows in its lower price point. This unit is great for new hunters and experts alike. It is proven at attracting coyote, bobcat, fox, wolf, bear, raccoon, whitetail, snow geese, wild turkey, and more. Having this wide breadth of calls at your disposal allows you to truly hunker down from afar. You can finally focus all of your energy on optimizing your hunt.

This unit has a 300 yard remote control range and allows for up to 24 programmed calls. It also comes with 24 pre-loaded sounds by Wildlife Technologies. The remote includes a decoy activator, and the unit itself has an additional auxiliary port if you need a second speaker.


The Bottom Line

We hope this article has been helpful for selecting the best programmable electronic predator calls available today. We’ve called coyotes in with each of these units. We can speak to the high quality of every one of them. None are very difficult to master, despite having AWESOME features and versatility.

My favorite here has got to be the Primos Alpha Dogg, even though it is the largest and (second) most expensive on our list. For a more inexpensive, portable call, I would go with the ICOtec GC500. Both of these calls are extremely well reviewed and you honestly can’t go wrong.

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The 5 Best Electronic Predator Calls Under $100

Best Electronic Coyote Calls 2016: Under $100

One of the most important things for the hunter is to find an electronic predator call at the right price. We’ve tested dozens of calls and hope that our list of the top 5 calls under $100 will help you make your decision! You’ll be hunting in no time.

#1 Under $100: 

The Primos Dogg Catcher
Primos Dogg Catcher

The Dogg Catcher is the #1 Best Seller in Predator Calls & Lures on Amazon. This unit uses the high quality material Primos prides themselves on, and is tested in the most rugged environments imaginable. The Dog Catcher operates using a remote up to 150 yards, with 12 preloaded sounds ready to go at a moment’s notice. This is a great unit for the predator hunter who’s just getting started – or a good gift for your son or cousin.

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#2 Under $100:

The Extreme Dimension iHunt by Ruger Ultimate Game Call

ihunt by ruger

The Extreme Dimension iHunt by Ruger Ultimate Game Call is for the hunter who loves to embrace technology. The iHunt ($50-$70) consists of a portable speaker that can be placed wherever necessary. Next, instead of using a remote, the hunter simply downloads the free iHunt app on their phone, connects it with Bluetooth to their speaker, and controls their calls from up to 100 yards away. Since many hunters already carry their cell phone on them, this is a perfect way to save on weight and worry less about forgetting one thing at home.

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#3 Under $100:

 The ICOtec GC300


The ICOtec GC300 is Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Big Game Calls & Lures. It is made of plastic, but don’t let that scare you – it does its job perfectly. The GC300 allows for you to program up to 24 calls, and comes with 24 high quality natural calls pre-loaded. Its remote works at 300 yards, and it has a super loud 15W speaker. It’s the #1 Best Seller for a reason — I own two of these, and they really are fantastic units. I’ve never had either fail me – they are durable if treated well. I went out with my brother once with two of these and killed four coyotes in two hours!

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#4 Under $100: 

The Extreme Dimension Mini Phantom

The Mini Phantom, affordably priced in the $20-$40 range, is the perfect small call that a hunter can fit into their pocket. Water resistant and molded with hand grips, the Mini Phantom embraces its small size. It comes with Extreme Dimension Fox Sound Stick, which features multiple animal distress calls. It can play two sounds at once. When purchasing from Amazon, be sure to specify which Mini Phantom you want, as some come packaged with extra sound sticks or DVDs. While some consumers may be interested in these extras, it is important to be sure what you’re buying. 

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#5 Under $100:

The Johnny Stewart Predator Attractor Max


Johnny Stewart’s Predator Attractor Max is a simple predator call that works exactly as described. While there are no bells and whistles with the Predator Attractor Max, rest easy knowing that you get exactly what is promised. Costing under $100, the Predator Attractor Max comes with a speaker and remote. It is pre-programed with ten sounds. While there aren’t a lot of sounds to choose from, the Predator Attractor Max excels in longevity and sound quality. This call runs for six to eight hours on one set of batteries and has 20 different volume ranges, ensuring that any animals will hear the crisp, clear sound from far away.

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If you need free sounds, that’s the easy part! Plenty of free sounds can be found all over the web. These are some great coyote sounds you can load into your electronic caller.

The Best Coyote Hunting Tips: Success/Failure, Choosing a Call, & Safety

View of My Virginia Land From the East

View of My Homestead in Virginia

Less than a week ago, a friend was out surveying my land for coyote tracks.  Our land is about 30 acres of wooded pasture, with a creek running through it and a large pond on one side.  Every night, coyote howls split the air.  While scouting the land, my friend found tracks, droppings, and everything to indicate that coyotes were often present and in large numbers.  He set up early the next morning, called them in, and waited.  When I saw him that afternoon, he was empty handed.  Everything for this coyote hunt seemed to be perfect.  So what went wrong?

Some hunters have it easy.  With huge tracts of land to choose from, with no other hunters around, it can be as simple as going out to a field, calling a coyote in and shooting it within a matter of minutes.  For most hunters, however, this is not a luxury they have.  Some tracts of land are small and well hunted, leading to coyotes that are often skittish and able to overcome their instinct to move in for an easy meal.  In situations like these, it is important to mix up your technique to ensure you’ll get that next coyote.

It is important to know the pros and cons of regular coyote calls versus electronic ones.  Which is the best coyote call?  Many old school hunters rely solely on manual coyote calls, loving their ability to make exactly the right noise at exactly the right time.  Some of these hunters even consider it cheating to use electronic coyote calls.  However, this mindset is outdated.  With recent advancements in electronic predator calls, it is impossible to deny the versatility of having an electronic coyote call with hundreds of different sounds ready to go.  With a multitude of distress calls, howls, and yelps, it is as easy as ever to pick out your favorite sounds, queue them up, and let them go.  It is also much easier that toting around a couple of different coyote calls for each scenario.

Many hunters use well known calls, such as distressed jackrabbits or squirrel, and are often successful with just these basic sounds.  Coyotes are drawn to an easy meal and are continuously on the prowl for their next food source, so these are obvious choices.  Unfortunately, almost every other hunter is thinking the same way.  In areas that see a lot of hunting, coyotes are getting smarter and learning that these sounds often mean death.  Successful hunters have found that using many different calls from many different prey species, including birds, fox, and even wild piglets is a surefire way to draw in coyotes.  Even if these animals are not native to your hunting area, coyotes still find themselves drawn to these sounds.  They are naturally curious, and hearing these sounds signifies an easy meal.  It is important to keep cycling through these sounds, creating a diverse sequence.  If you fear you have played a sound that they know to avoid, you aren’t out of luck.  Incorporating many different sounds will still draw them in, despite their initial reluctance.  While some hunters will tell you that a certain call sequence is the best, the diversity of your sequence is what is important, as opposed to the order of your sequence.  As you can see, if you are not using an electronic coyote call, carrying around all of these different prey animal calls can become burdensome.

Different hunters will swear by different sounds.  Are distressed prey sounds the best coyote call?  While some will say yes, others would disagree.  Coyote whines and yelps are often a popular choice.  These non-aggressive sounds are made by young coyote pups.  During some parts of the year, this can play on the coyote’s instincts as a pack animal.  In others, when food is scarce, some coyotes may see this as an easy meal.  Challenge howls are often a great choice, as well.  To properly use this call, it is important to know where a pack’s territory is. The idea is to mimic a trespassing coyote, eliciting action from the pack.  If you aren’t in their territory, coyotes are likely to ignore you.  Finally, use a couple of solo howls to get other coyotes to investigate the newcomer.  This plays on the coyote’s social nature.  In this case, you aren’t trying to initiate conflict, so you may have more success using this call.  Whether you use a regular coyote call or an electronic coyote call, it is important to realize that diversity is key when crafting your sounds, and that there is no best coyote call for every situation.  Excellent resources include http://www.foremostcoyotehunting.com/p/daytime-calling-techniques.html and http://www.outdoorlife.com/blogs/hunting/2014/01/hunting-4-expert-coyote-calling-tips.  For some free sounds to test out, check out http://www.varmintal.com/coy5-20.htm.

Finding the best coyote call for your hunt isn’t the only important factor in a successful hunt.  It is also extremely important to set up in a good spot.  Most coyote kills come from less than 100 yards in, so a clear line of sight is helpful, but not required.  The single most important factor to keep in mind while setting up is to stay upwind of coyotes.  Once they hear a distress sound and come to investigate, they will attempt to circle around and get downwind of the sound before moving in and investigating.  Clever hunters can use this to their advantage, effectively herding the coyote into the perfect area.  With an electronic coyote call, this is even easier.  You can set up the call and move away from it, ensuring the coyotes never know you are there.  If you have decided that a regular call is the best coyote call for you, it may be a bit tougher to get the coyote exactly where you want them.  In this case, a second hunter, designated to attract the coyotes, can be an invaluable asset.  It is even possible to buy scents that will mask human smells, making this even easier.

Now that you know what to do, what are some of the things a hunter should not do?  Everyone makes mistakes and some hunts may be a bust, despite doing everything right.  However, there are a few things you may do that can often guarantee a bust.  Using the same few calls that other hunters often use is probably the most often reason a hunt fails.  As stated above, it is important to cycle through different sounds while you are out hunting coyotes.  In especially well hunted areas, coyotes are getting smarter when it comes to hearing these noises.  It is important to use calls they are not used to and to know when to use these calls.  If you are using challenge howls outside of a pack’s territory, for instance, you are certainly going to strike out.  Another major point that many hunters fail to heed is to stick around an area for a long enough time.  Many hunters make the mistake of calling for around 15 minutes, waiting 15 more, and then moving on.  Overly cautious coyotes may take longer than this to move in.  If you leave too early, you miss your chances for a kill.  Don’t be afraid to wait longer before moving on to your next setup.  More importantly, if you don’t get a coyote, don’t give up.  Even veteran hunters strike out sometimes.

While hunting coyotes is often a fun past time, safety is of the utmost importance.  Guns are dangerous and require always being in control of the situation.  If you haven’t, take a gun safety class.  Always go hunting with a partner.  Ensure that they are properly trained before even considering hunting with them.  If either of you are injured while out hunting, whether by gunfire or something as simple as a twisted ankle, a partner can be the difference between life and death.  Always let others know where you will be hunting and of your plans.  Hunting follows the same rules as being outdoors for a hike or while camping.  Bring enough water and pay attention to the weather.  In some areas of the United States, weather can turn life threatening in the blink of an eye.  Proper gear is a must.  It certainly helps to know the area where you are going hunt.  Most importantly, pay attention to what is behind your target and where you are pointing the muzzle of your gun.  While shooting another person while out hunting is rare, accidents can happen.  Almost all injuries while hunting can be avoided with proper preparation and common sense.  Coyotes aren’t dangerous, but hunting them certainly can be.

Coyote hunting is a popular activity enjoyed all across the United States.  Whether you’re hunting for pleasure, money, or simply to protect your land, it is important to know what you are doing.  Proper safety and technique can be the difference between going home with a coyote or leaving empty handed.  Remember that there is no best coyote call for every situation  and that cycling through different call sequences is a major factor in success.  Recognize where you are going to be setting up and watching for coyotes.  A second set of eyes and another gun can make all of the difference.  Electronic coyote calls can also give you a huge advantage while out hunting.  Their ability to store and use different sounds and their ease of use is unparallelled in the hunting world.  Finally, remember to stay safe while out hunting.  No one wants to be the one that accidentally hurts someone or even puts others in harm’s way.  Choose the best call for your needs, pick your best set up, be safe, and good luck!

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